Big Wishes, Big Dreams, and Acceptance

Dandelion field

Dandelion field

      At times I still like to blow dandelions to make wishes. Today I would blow a dandelion for a BIG wish and a BIG dream. That dream would be: all of us humans would be accepting of ourselves and treat ourselves with more loving kindness and thus, be more accepting of other people.

 Lone Dandelion

Lone Dandelion

For this dream to become real, I have had to work on myself.  During this process through the years I have sometimes felt physical and emotional pain that I had to release.   At times the road has been rocky, but the journey has been worth it. I know that growth and becoming more aware about others and life around me is possible because I can see the changes in myself. I’m getting closer to self-acceptance, and in turn I am feeling  more open and more accepting of all kinds of people.

One of the long time teachers of self-acceptance is Louise Hay. See her quote on her website :

Another website that you might like which does a deep study of self-acceptance is the Self-Acceptance Project.

Dare to Dream BIG!

What is your dream? Are you willing to share it?



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