Are we REALLY  one? 

My simile for us humans is we are like a pile of leaves that have fallen from trees. On the ground we all mix together and look like one mass.

piles of leaves fall 2014

piles of leaves at night

If we look closer, we will see the individual leaves, as we will also see individual people.

From the science of quantum physics and one of  its major thinkers:

Quantum physics, thus, reveals a basic ONENESS of the  universe.”  

Ervin Schrodinger

leaves  on ground fall 2014

leaf piles in day light

Since the universe is one, so are we. Even though we humans see ourselves as separate and not connected; this is a delusion that we learned when we learned to focus our eyes as babies.

The neuroanatomist, Dr. Jill Taylor Bolte, has added to our understanding about ONENESS with her first TED talk, when she experienced a stroke herself.  Consider watching her TED talk:

Our human challenge now, is how do we begin to live what we are finding out to be our human truth. Even if we embrace the fact that we are one, our even bigger challenge is to learn how we can live together with our differences. How do we become kinder, and more respectful of others while we maintain our own honesty about who we are? 

A major way I have learned for myself to become kinder, is I have had to learn to love and accept and myself and what has happened in my own life before I have become able to be kinder to others.  For my part I have learned this ongoing journey within to know myself better has helped me to become more open and accept and care about others. It is freeing to not judge others or myself as harshly as I used to.

What are your ideas about how we can be both ONE and celebrate our individuality, too?





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