Forget about resolutions for the 2015. Why not work on your “prickles”?  What do I mean by “prickles”?  These are things we say or do that could harm ourselves or another person.

chestnut hull

Prickle #1 from a chestnut tree

Sarcasm is one of those things.  I used to consider sarcasm witty or clever.  The way I see it now, is it’s a way of speaking which cuts both the speaker and the person whom the speaker is insulting.

About 20 years ago, I was doing a life coaching course and one the women in the course said to me, “When you started this course you were a bit prickly.” Thus, I can thank her for the name of my topic for this blog. Sarcasm is still something I work on killing off daily, and I tend to avoid sarcastic people as much as possible.

“We are suffering from too much sarcasm.” –

Marianne Moore, poet (1887-1972)

holly bush

Prickle #2 Holly bush

The next prickle is gossip. I like the words back biting or dishing the dirt, too, because they define gossip so well. When I would engage in gossip about someone, afterwards I would always feel like I needed to take a shower.

These days I don’t like how gossip divides people and creates a competitive and judgmental atmosphere. Besides, when I gossip I’m not working on myself, so now I try to stop myself from gossiping by removing myself from the conversation or holding my tongue. Still a work in progress here.

“Gossip is the Devil’s radio.” – George Harrison

blackberry bush thorns

Prickle #3 vine thorns

Hypocrisy is my last big prickle. It is always easier to observe some one who is acting like a hypocrite, when he/she is claiming to be so virtuous and then I notice that isn’t true. However, when I have noticed how I have been holier than thou, and then have judged others harshly or lied about something, I have felt embarrassed.

Now I find it makes more sense for me to watch out for my own hypocrisy rather than look for it in others; it takes time, willingness, and awareness to put a dent in old patterns such as this!

Listen to a radio program: on point.org on npr.

It was rebroadcasted on December 29, 2014 and called: “Feeling Hypocritical? Don’t Worry: Everybody Else Is, Too”

Since I have been becoming kinder to myself, I have observed that my prickles happen less frequently. I also have supportive people in my life who are working on their own prickles. I’m good with working on my prickles no matter what it takes because I know perfection in humans does NOT exist!

Happy New Year, Prickles and All!










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