“Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”  – Marilyn Monroe

Today, for me the idea of imperfection is GREAT.  When we are imperfect, often we are being real.  When I have wanted the “perfect life” or “perfect” anything, I have set myself up for a lot of suffering and/or craziness.

fallen trees in forrest

the “imperfect” forest”

For example, you might look at this forest and say, “That is not how I envision a forest”. In this case the trees in a forest probably fell or were cut for a reason.

Growing up I did not consider myself to be perfect like so many models I saw in magazines.  I compared myself to those “perfect” images. Therefore, I suffered and was borderline bulimic because of my expectation of what it was to look perfect.  A need to look or be perfect haunts many of us. That’s why today I think imperfection is FABULOUS!

Please watch this whole youtube with Brene Brown; her insight about perfection changed her life; it could change yours, too.  It is:


“imperfect” fern

I’m not dissing people who want to do things well. However, this idea that we have to be and look perfect does not help us to accept and love ourselves, so that we feel OK. When I was dissatisfied with myself because of perfectionism,  I was not being grateful and did not feel happy or serene.

I don’t love Photoshop; I like imperfection. It doesn’t mean ugly. …. Perfection is just…boring. Perfect is what’s natural or real; that is beauty.”   –  Marc Jacobs


“imperfect” log

Embrace your so-called imperfections. Who made the standards about who is perfect, particularly in regard to humans? We humans are so diverse. That’s what makes us beautiful, distinct, and interesting.




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