My Source for Everything

Previously, I’ve talked about my source in my life. I’m feeling it all the time now, so I thought I’d give you an update. Today only, I found the following things that showed up in my life in about a period of 15 minutes, which included  a short trip around where I live.

spiders on door

spiders on recently painted door

I walked out and found my door greeters, several very small spiders. Thank you friends.

Where I live it is very dry this summer and about the only thing with color today is this flower.  You all know it. Most of the time we spray it in our grass. I’m celebrating the dandelion today.


Today’s dandelion

In my own home, last Thursday from my Zen Group my lay leader offered me the flowers we had used on the altar that evening.  These are beautiful Black-eyed Susans.

black-eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susans

I have always have loved these flowers, so I couldn’t leave them out.

“Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with the people the same happiness.”  – Khalil Gibran

In my short walk, I found small pine cones that caught my fancy. I am thankful for them as I live around many pines, and those pines feed my soul.

pine cone

pine cone

Another thing I found in my house was a sand dollar. This is a special sand dollar to me.

sand dollar

sand dollar from a friend

A good friend gave me this sand dollar. She found it on a California beach. After nearly a year, it still has a little sand it. You can see a little pile of it at the top of the dollar.  I decorate my home altar with this sand dollar. Friendships and family have been some of the greatest joys in my life.



I have learned to be thankful for trees and the shade they provide, particularly in the summer. I used to live in the South, and I learned to really love shade there. I like to take walks, so this summer, I have been picking many of the shady streets.


chair where I write – with duct tape on back support

This was the last thing that showed up in my apartment. On the chair where I work, I have a back support gadget that I hook onto the chair. I leave the support on it all the time. Today, it fell off my chair, and I had to fix it with duct tape. This back support used to be in my car until a part on it sheered during a car wreck I had the end of March 2014. Three weeks after the wreck, I realized my source had protected me from certain death. I was side swiped by a truck that had pulled into my lane while I was driving in the rain. Other than this back support, I only lost my rear view mirror on the right side. (I also needed months of therapy.)

car after wreck

right side after mirror was sheered in wreck

Repairing the back support today was a reminder to me to always be grateful to be alive with every breath I take.

I used to hate the words to “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. I used to think it was as a song about a stalker. Today I just think it is a song about my source taking care of me, and I love the song now! Take a listen.


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