“It is not happy people who are thankful. It is THANKFUL people who are happy.”  – Anonymus

I am thankful for so much in my life.  Thanksgiving is great, but it is only one day!  What about being thankful even when it’s rough. This is where I go simple. I’m thankful for the trees.

japanese maple in fall

Japanese Maple in the fall

I am so thankful for the beauty of the trees in the fall. Trees are so important to our planet! Thank you, trees! May you get enough water.

I am thankful for the animals: the wild ones and the tame ones (our pets).

ducks together

Ducks on a bank

cat relaxing

Sofie, a happy pet

I am very thankful for family, whether, I can be with them for Thanksgiving or not! They matter to me and my life. They enrich my life; we have a common history and care about each other. Even though I live in a different state, when I call them I have an instant connection and bond. I love them! Here are a few of my family members.

family photo

Family photo a few years back

I am deeply thankful for the friends in my life. They have always been there. I like Facebook, but I DON’T mean Facebook friends. These are the friends I call or visit because I care, and I need to maintain a connection, and they do, too. Even though they may live on one coast and I live on another.

ann and david

Ann and David, Ann is one of my oldest friends.

I am also so grateful for my new friends in a new place. I and we are learning in ways I could not even imagine. These present days, I am thankful for the learning about myself with many of my new friends. It is great to have friends on the journey with you.

I also have a spiritual center. I have called this my source in this blog.  This, too, is very important and a source of gratitude for me. As I look back on my life, my source has always been there and has pulled me and those around me through some nearly unbelievable and challenging times.

I have an older car (now 10 years old). I named her Spunky. I am thankful for Spunky. She made it almost exactly 3,000 miles across the USA, and she had about 124,ooo miles on her at that time. Spunky is still being spunky and holding on; she even made it through a car wreck with barely a scratch!  She has absolutely no bells and whistles: Lock your own doors; roll down your own window. Spunky is simple. Simple is good, too.

Back to my theme- Simple and Thankful! Enjoy your day of thanks.

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think.”  – Buddha






Bumpersticker Philosophers 2

I thank the bumpersticker philosophers for sharing what is important to them. One of the first I saw is a saying that is a great reality check.

bumpersticker 1

bumpersticker philosopher 1

What I like about this saying is, it reminds me to accept what is rather than what I would like something to be.  This is a grown up saying; if you can do this, then you are taking life on its terms, not your own wishes and desires. Sometimes I have found getting to what is or was, can at times be painful. There is freedom on the other side of that pain. And the other part of this saying is: we get “it” when we get it.

bumpersticker 2

bumpersticker philosopher 2

This is a political philosopher’s viewpoint. This law has made it possible for people to donate any amount of money to a candidate.  Our Supreme Court sold us little Americans out.  You can tell I do NOT like this law either.  The person who had this on her bumper was speaking for many people including me.

bumpersticker philosopher 3

bumpersticker philosopher 3

What I like about this coexist sticker, it includes all faiths, peace sign, and it is GBLT friendly. That is  lovely, an all inclusive bumpersticker. I would be really happy if we could LIVE this. I CAN start with me.

The Huffington post did an interesting column about bumperstickers. Their version is much sarcastic than mine. It is still fun reading.

I am a semi retired teacher, so this next bumpersticker is another one I can nodded my head to.

bumpersticker 4

bumpersticker philosopher 4

There is so much truth in this bumpersticker.  All of the rest of us are left behind and particularly our children.  In most states school-age children still have to take the grueling end of the year tests. Everyone hates them except the test makers. This bumpersticker manages to put down both billionaires and a terrible education law.

I did not get a photo of  a sign I saw last week on the side of a van.  I saw this van while I was driving on a city street. It was quite an old van.  As I drove passed it, on the side I saw the sign: “Get Away Van”.  Thank God for people like these; they help keep me smiling and sane.



Cats Do the Craziest Stuff

cat on trellis

cat siting on top of trellis

Cat do do the craziest stuff. I mean look at this cat. He/she is on top of a trellis. Do cats think gravity does not exist. Apparently so, here’s another on top of a roof.

cat on roof

Black and white cat on top of roof

I have had cats before. My first cat was very intelligent, and one day we caught him trying to open a rather difficult handle on a window. He was using both his paws. It seemed that he had already figured out how to do it, he just wasn’t able. Unfortunately he was so clever, he knew how to open our front door. One day when we forgot to lock it for a few hours, and he walked out and was gone forever. Sorry I have no photos.

Cats can take over your life. Years after my first cat, I had two other cats. The two of them, Autumn and Spring, kept my daughter and I laughing a lot with their antics. Where I live now, I have a neighbor who lives down the street. I’ve seen him once or twice in two years. However, every time I take walk by his house, which is near a local walkway, I see at least one of his cats.  Finally one day in late afternoon, I got to see much of the menagerie of cats. Oh by the way, the cat on the roof was one from this same house, and one of the cats ran in the house when I tried to snap a photo of him/her, and there was another cat on another boat. This owner must be a very generous to his cats.; they definitely seem to run his/her home.

boat cats

boat cats

little black cat in the yard

little black cat in the yard

Just the other day I was taking a walk in a different neighborhood, and I did a double take because at first I thought what I saw was a fur hat on top of a car. No, it was a gray Persian. When I talked to it, he/she turned to face me for a millisecond.

Cats are the original animal that taught us humans how to have boundaries with people and things we do and do not like! Cats are so interesting because they can be so independent and, yet, loving and great to pet.

gray cat on car

gray cat on top of car

Bless all the animals for the smiles and laughter they bring us: be they squirrels, cats, dogs, snakes, deer, rabbits, rats, or tarantulas, particularly when they are our pets or nature buddies.  What would we humans do without them?







Squirrels, Nature’s Playmates

squirrel at front door

squirrel buddy near my front door

During a recent vacation to visit family, I missed my squirrel buddy at home. He/She showed up at my front door only four days after I returned home. What a homecoming!

I have had an affinity for squirrels since I was about seven, and I had a chance to feed a chipmunk a grape. As I vaguely recall, a blue jay swooped down and frightened the chipmunk away. From then on squirrels have been my friends.

squirrel buddy 2

squirrel buddy in tree

Earlier during the month before my vacation, I was taking a few photos of a spider web, and my squirrel buddy was checking me out. He/She’s right in the middle of the photo on the limb. I swear he/she was staring me down. I did not see him/her smile.

resting squirrel

squirrel resting after eating last year 2014

Less than a year ago, when I first started the blog, a squirrel ran up the same tree; I took a photo of him/ her, too for the blog I did.

I am becoming so attuned to squirrels I talk to them now. I tell them it is going to be OK, and they can keep on doing what they are doing. I send out friendly vibes to them. I even did this last weekend when I was in a different neighborhood. I saw a squirrel in a garden at a home that I was walking by.  At first the squirrel stood up on its hind legs( it was so cute) and looked like it might take off. I just talked to the squirrel in a low reassuring voice, and the squirrel went back to searching for food, and I walked passed the house, smiling. Cool to connect with nature and squirrel buddies.

I am not the only one who likes squirrels. Here is a little more information about squirrels you might not know.

I saw the following on Facebook today, and it is so super cute, and it’s about a squirrel.