Bumpersticker Philosophers 2

I thank the bumpersticker philosophers for sharing what is important to them. One of the first I saw is a saying that is a great reality check.

bumpersticker 1

bumpersticker philosopher 1

What I like about this saying is, it reminds me to accept what is rather than what I would like something to be.  This is a grown up saying; if you can do this, then you are taking life on its terms, not your own wishes and desires. Sometimes I have found getting to what is or was, can at times be painful. There is freedom on the other side of that pain. And the other part of this saying is: we get “it” when we get it.

bumpersticker 2

bumpersticker philosopher 2

This is a political philosopher’s viewpoint. This law has made it possible for people to donate any amount of money to a candidate.  Our Supreme Court sold us little Americans out.  You can tell I do NOT like this law either.  The person who had this on her bumper was speaking for many people including me.

bumpersticker philosopher 3

bumpersticker philosopher 3

What I like about this coexist sticker, it includes all faiths, peace sign, and it is GBLT friendly. That is  lovely, an all inclusive bumpersticker. I would be really happy if we could LIVE this. I CAN start with me.

The Huffington post did an interesting column about bumperstickers. Their version is much sarcastic than mine. It is still fun reading.


I am a semi retired teacher, so this next bumpersticker is another one I can nodded my head to.

bumpersticker 4

bumpersticker philosopher 4

There is so much truth in this bumpersticker.  All of the rest of us are left behind and particularly our children.  In most states school-age children still have to take the grueling end of the year tests. Everyone hates them except the test makers. This bumpersticker manages to put down both billionaires and a terrible education law.

I did not get a photo of  a sign I saw last week on the side of a van.  I saw this van while I was driving on a city street. It was quite an old van.  As I drove passed it, on the side I saw the sign: “Get Away Van”.  Thank God for people like these; they help keep me smiling and sane.



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