Pay it Forward

“We think too much and feel too little.  More than machinery, we need humanity, more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.” – Charlie Chaplin

A few days before Christmas, I talked to a close friend, Kamie, and she suggested an action to take that I thought was a great one. She said her favorite number is 4. What she has started doing when she shops is to leave 4 pennies for the next person in line behind her.  So far, she has seen a few people she has helped with those few extra pennies. To me this is a beautiful small act that spreads goodwill.

4 pennies

4 pennies

My number is 8.  Beginning the next time I’m shopping, I’m taking my 8 extra pennies and leaving them for the next person in line.

The day after Christmas, my daughter wanted a cup of coffee from a local drive through coffee business. She pulled up to pay for the coffee, and it had already been paid by the previous driver.

cup of coffee

cup of coffee

The lid of this cup for this company has a unique message that I totally agree with and fits in with this blog:

coffee cup lid

coffee cup lid

The person who paid for my daughter’s coffee, may believe this too. This person definitely lives this in action. Yes. I, too, believe we will get through this (life) together.

There is no wealth but life.”  –  John Ruskin

I have been practicing leaving pennies for others. At first I tried to leave 8 pennies in one of the take a penny leave a penny jars in a store. No one was behind me in the line.  The next time a nice man let me go ahead of him in line. I left him a nickle and made sure he knew it was for him.  I did it another time for a woman.  That time it was about 4 pennies. I made sure she knew, too. She smiled broadly for so little.  I realized the amount does not have to be the same. It was about connecting with the person behind me in the line. That is not even necessary, either, as in the case of the free coffee for my daughter.  It is about random acts of kindness and passing it along. Kindness is a good infection and small acts remind us of the best of who we human beings are and can be.

As a former teacher, the schools and teachers are laden with huge jobs.  Online a found a foundation that encourages random acts of kindness in schools. It gives teachers ideas of how to encourage random acts of kindness. Check this out.

This coming year my purse may be heavier carrying around pennies, and my heart will be lighter! Being happy is easy. It is in the next time we serve another person, even in a small way. Paying it forward is paying it back right into my own heart! Happy New Year!  2016 is going to be AWESOME!





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