Quirky 3

As you probably know by now, I do NOT live in an area where flamingoes flourish.
When I saw this in the fall last year, I was unable to include this photo in my Quirky 2 blog. Thus, I am happy to use it now.

What I like so much about Quirky stuff, people, and art, or even yard ornaments are that they are playful, funny, and, to me, creative. Quirky lacks pretense. Quirky stuff says: I know I’m different, but I don’t care. To me, it is authentic and fun. Quirky makes me LOL because it surprises me, or, at least, it makes me smile. I think that quirky people tend to laugh at themselves. They are kind of like the old Beatles song: “The Fool on the Hill”. I always liked that song.

There is an older gentleman where I live who has a large plastic push cart, which is like a baby stroller in which he can put about four babies who can sit up. During the summer he walks around town pushing these babies in his bare feet. I never know when I am going to see him. I saw him in the winter this year, and he was pushing the babies for a long walk, (a few miles at least). Some day I must stop and talk to this fellow. I have a few questions for him: For example: are the babies his grandchildren?

One of the first things I noticed when I moved here a few years ago, is that women and even young girls dye their hair fun colors such as purple and blue. This is very common here. It is still fun to see it because people are doing what they want and feel free to be a little quirky.

Having grown up in California and having lived in the South I have seen a lot of pretentious behavior. It is a great gift to live in a place where people feel free to be themselves. I also get to grin a lot about it!

I’ll leave with a quote from my search for “quirky quotes,” I changed around the quote to:

“Be a Cheerio in a world full of Fruit Loops”


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