The Sufi Journey: Key Concepts

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Sara Latif

This post is an introduction to a series I am beginning where I explore Yoga through the lens of the classical Sufi journey. One travels the journey by moving through states and stations, ascending the heavens of the world and self until one reaches the divine presence and experiences full integration and union.

Before beginning on the various levels, states and stations of the soul’s heavenly ascent in upcoming posts, I thought I would tell you a story that will help elucidate many of the concepts you need to know. This story is a Sufi allegory for the spiritual ascent of the soul to the divine presence, extracted from The Pond of Life, a Sufi Yoga manual that inspired my own journey. Keywords are in bold.

The Story of the Soul and her Union with her Self

I was in the old quarter of my country, the home of my parents and grandparents…

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