As a teacher for more than 24 years, instructing mostly English and English-as-a-Second Language, I learned from students all over the world that we are all one humanity. Those students also taught me that we have differences to be respected, too, as we are all individuals. I love teaching still and volunteer weekends helping school age children with their homework. Also for the NAACP Eugene/Springfield, I mentor high school age children for the ACT-SO program.

Writing has been another passion for me for about 33 years. Today most of the writing I do is about racial, cultural, and social inequities in this country. I have written both adult fiction and children’s books. For the one of the children’s books, I have had the privilege to  collaborate with my own adult child, who has been illustrating it. I am excited about putting these books out into the world during the next year.

I have founded a company called One Humanity LLC which is an educational organization that will distribute books, wearable items, and bumper stickers. These materials are historically and scientifically based and foster cultural competency, as well as encourage and inspire understanding of and acceptance, respect, and compassion for all racial and cultural groups that live in our community,  and all other communities.








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