Squirrels, Nature’s Playmates

squirrel at front door

squirrel buddy near my front door

During a recent vacation to visit family, I missed my squirrel buddy at home. He/She showed up at my front door only four days after I returned home. What a homecoming!

I have had an affinity for squirrels since I was about seven, and I had a chance to feed a chipmunk a grape. As I vaguely recall, a blue jay swooped down and frightened the chipmunk away. From then on squirrels have been my friends.

squirrel buddy 2

squirrel buddy in tree

Earlier during the month before my vacation, I was taking a few photos of a spider web, and my squirrel buddy was checking me out. He/She’s right in the middle of the photo on the limb. I swear he/she was staring me down. I did not see him/her smile.

resting squirrel

squirrel resting after eating last year 2014

Less than a year ago, when I first started the blog, a squirrel ran up the same tree; I took a photo of him/ her, too for the blog I did.

I am becoming so attuned to squirrels I talk to them now. I tell them it is going to be OK, and they can keep on doing what they are doing. I send out friendly vibes to them. I even did this last weekend when I was in a different neighborhood. I saw a squirrel in a garden at a home that I was walking by.  At first the squirrel stood up on its hind legs( it was so cute) and looked like it might take off. I just talked to the squirrel in a low reassuring voice, and the squirrel went back to searching for food, and I walked passed the house, smiling. Cool to connect with nature and squirrel buddies.

I am not the only one who likes squirrels. Here is a little more information about squirrels you might not know.


I saw the following on Facebook today, and it is so super cute, and it’s about a squirrel.