Art, a Reflection of Our World

Art is what helped us humans evolve.  Those cave dwelling artists helped advance us as humans. It wasn’t just our opposable thumb that distinguished us humans!

wall art

town scape art on building wall

Art reminds me, who I am, and who I could be. Art gives me hope. Art goes into the human heart. Art can show beauty or reveals what I want to deny. It is a creative act, that can be a lot more than a painting.

carving in tree

wood carving in tree

In this case it is an amazing carving in a tree of an Egret bird. It stands in front of a counseling office. It speaks for itself.

Art is in so many kinds of work: the writer, musician, architect, game designer, photographer, movie maker, wood worker, chef, and  landscape designer. It is also in the farmer who can bring us food, and who has to be creative in hard times. It is in the teacher who finds a way to reach a student with learning barriers.

This is an article about art and its importance.

fence art

Art on a fence of private home

This art is wood on wood and makes a statement to me about family.  When I was out taking a walk the first time I saw this on this fence, I felt both joy and surprise.

yard art

Yard art with a message

I liked this small yard sign. For me it is like a wish and a prayer. I am thankful and concerned about the bees, too; this yard art had some flair, as well as a message I and many others on this planet share.

The greatest artist in existence, I saw today, as I was driving home and saw a rainbow.  My source, as I call it, provides  all of us with the colors we use that are in every rainbow. Nature around us in every season shows us a rainbow of colors in the trees and water. The animals that surround us show us other awesome colors.  I was unable to catch the rainbow on film, but all of us can remember the first time we saw a rainbow and smile.




Caring and Kindness

warning note

warning about plant on a trail

When I found this note already on a plant on a trail, I thought it was an act of caring and kindness towards all people who would be walking that trail. This is the kind of caring behavior we humans are capable of displaying. When I see thoughtful actions such as this, I have hope for all of us and the whole planet.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s  all who ever have.”  – Margaret Mead


elementary school

Elementary School

For me as a former teacher, this is a place where caring for the next generation of children needs to take place. I have the good fortune to volunteer for a reading program and experience the privilege it is to help the next generation of children. At this school I have seen in action children who are being well taken care of.  However, I have lived in other states where teachers are ridiculously underpaid for the work they do. In those states, who cares about the teachers, so that the next generation can learn and be well cared for?



Sign to save Bees

I love bees. They are so important to our growing food because they pollinate so many things we eat. To me this is sign reminds me about protecting and caring about all animals and insects. We need all of what we have on this planet. Truthfully, I’m still not a fan of house flies, roaches, or poisonous spiders, but these are all part of my world.



cared for walkway

Where I live there are many great places to take walks. This walkway was so well cared for and leads to another trail which is along the river where I live. This kind of care of providing lovely places to walk for everyone, feeds my heart and soul with gratitude and reconnects me with my surroundings.

I found this touching story about caring.…/a-beautiful-story-of-caring-and-compassion/

This quote from Harvey Fierstein said it all for me. However, I added one sentence to it.

“I do believe we’re all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other.”  – Harvey Fierstein

My final sentence is: “And I do believe in taking care of myself.”