Being Open

I love dogwood trees. The first time I saw one, I thought the tree had butterflies on it. I grew up on the west coast, and where I lived, I had never seen a dogwood tree before. Now they are one of my favorite trees. The blossoms on a dogwood are open and, to me, represent being open.

For me, being open means, trying to accept what happens in my life. It means to try to be less judgmental about others. Being open also means I don’t get to control everything. Stuff will happen over which I have no control. Accepting what happens in my life does not mean I am resigned about what happens. It means I get to choose how I will respond to what happens in my life.

To be open, I try to be kind and loving towards everyone, including myself. When I am not loving towards myself, I have a hard time giving that love away. The kind of loving I mean here is I try to be compassionate. This is not always easy. If I anger someone else by telling him/her/them how I truly feel in the kindest way I can, I have to remind myself not to take their reaction personally. They will respond how they respond.

If I am fearful of others, I can’t be open. Fear is a closed door or wall that keeps others out. I do not like to live in fear. It is a good signal to myself that I might need to ask for help from an understanding friend or work on something in myself.

I must also remember everyone has an opinion and that often, that opinion will differ from my own. If I am willing to listen to others and be open, I don’t have to agree to respect that other person. Last week I saw a story about the famous singer, Joan Baez, who is very open to listening to others. Please read this story.

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“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?”
– Bob Marley


Love Our Planet and Ourselves.

heart from necklace

The open, loving heart

Sometimes you hear something that is so profound, you have to share it. Tonight I heard an Alternative Radio talk of Naomi Klein that summed up so much of what is not working and how to find another way together. The politicians are not going to figure it out. We will, together. Listen to this cool piece of intelligent, loving, incredible thinking.

We can change what is happening to our planet and most of us here, by loving our planet in action!

love our forests

Love our forests

Also another dear friend shared a video of who we could be, if we choose. Unfortunately, I cannot find the video, but the words that accompanied the video come from Brian Piergrossi. Read what he has to say about the possibility we can be in an empowering poem.

Love is the new religion of the world. Here he and I mean Agape love, as we can love our earth, so can we love ourselves and each other.


Love our rivers


love our flowers

cat rolling

love our animals


Love and respect each other

We humans can be  very unpredictable. Although with nature, global warming is making our weather unpredictable. It is understandable that everyone wants to feel safe. Fear is appropriate when there is actual danger. Being awake to danger is important.  Living in vigilance and fear that whole entire groups of people are to be feared is distressing behavior.

With an open heart, I have found that I can work together with others.  This is how we can help our own planet and ourselves- TOGETHER.

By listening to what Naomi Klein spoke of, and the possibility we can be to each other that Brian Piergrossi writes and speaks about, then we humans can be unstoppable in a good way. Ms. Klein and Brian are speaking of working together- not as separate little groups, not working against each other. Try to include the children in your life in this new possibility of how we can be towards each other and the planet.

We ended slavery. We had a Civil Rights Movement. This time is ours.  Our planet needs us, and we need each other. Let’s give life to light, peace, and kindness.