When Our Community Works Together

open hand

open hand of cooperating

“We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.”  – Bill Richardson

This morning I heard a TED talk about people cooperating and the development of the human brain.  In the past I have had experiences of working with a group on a specific goal.  I saw it come to fruition because we were able to work together.  Yes, everyone had their personalities and differences, but still we parked our egos at the door most of the time as we moved toward our goal.

This is the podcast of what I heard from December 11, 2015.


We have a choice to be a bully and aggressive, or be mature and be open to working with others. I always preferred getting along, but not at the cost of losing my voice.

tree of life

tree of life

In a way we humans are like this tree. We are here together on the earth; we have our branches, but we all work together to stay alive as one human tree of life.  We humans change like this tree does as the seasons change and as we mature. If we stay stunted (mentally) as humans, we do not thrive. We can make an impact short term, but in the long run we fizzle out.

From sports where cooperation and working together is essential:

“5 guys on a court working together can achieve more than 5 individuals who come and go as individuals.” –  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The myth of “RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM”, is just that, a myth. A false belief  that one can do everything alone and does not require others. This belief does not serve the human family. We don’t have any supermen or superwomen to fix everything for us. We have ourselves.

It seems there are some wealthy individuals, who would like this myth to live on- so that they can accumulate more money (and power)! Money alone can not fix: global warming, change the weather, or bring rain, as the state of California is very aware. Money alone can not fix how people of color are treated in this country. Money alone can not grow the food we need that is healthy for us, i.e. without GMOs and pesticides. Money alone does not care. Working together with people who care to deal with our problems along with money can help the whole planet and ourselves.

It is my actions and how I care that make a difference in my life. That is true of every person. It takes all of us because each of us has a gift to bring to the human family, to make a better world, to make our human family tree one that thrives.