Cats Do the Craziest Stuff

cat on trellis

cat siting on top of trellis

Cat do do the craziest stuff. I mean look at this cat. He/she is on top of a trellis. Do cats think gravity does not exist. Apparently so, here’s another on top of a roof.

cat on roof

Black and white cat on top of roof

I have had cats before. My first cat was very intelligent, and one day we caught him trying to open a rather difficult handle on a window. He was using both his paws. It seemed that he had already figured out how to do it, he just wasn’t able. Unfortunately he was so clever, he knew how to open our front door. One day when we forgot to lock it for a few hours, and he walked out and was gone forever. Sorry I have no photos.

Cats can take over your life. Years after my first cat, I had two other cats. The two of them, Autumn and Spring, kept my daughter and I laughing a lot with their antics. Where I live now, I have a neighbor who lives down the street. I’ve seen him once or twice in two years. However, every time I take walk by his house, which is near a local walkway, I see at least one of his cats. ¬†Finally one day in late afternoon, I got to see much of the menagerie of cats. Oh by the way, the cat on the roof was one from this same house, and one of the cats ran in the house when I tried to snap a photo of him/her, and there was another cat on another boat. This owner must be a very generous to his cats.; they definitely seem to run his/her home.

boat cats

boat cats

little black cat in the yard

little black cat in the yard

Just the other day I was taking a walk in a different neighborhood, and I did a double take because at first I thought what I saw was a fur hat on top of a car. No, it was a gray Persian. When I talked to it, he/she turned to face me for a millisecond.

Cats are the original animal that taught us humans how to have boundaries with people and things we do and do not like! Cats are so interesting because they can be so independent and, yet, loving and great to pet.

gray cat on car

gray cat on top of car

Bless all the animals for the smiles and laughter they bring us: be they squirrels, cats, dogs, snakes, deer, rabbits, rats, or tarantulas, particularly when they are our pets or nature buddies.  What would we humans do without them?