Sofi’s Blog (the Cat) Continues: Seasons

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty.”

Ernest Heminway

Before where I lived there was just one season, sunny or hot day after day. Now, I have seasonal changes. Yeah!

When you sit looking out the window as much as I do, I am thankful that the seasons bring something new. So far I have seen NO leaves in winter. Then I saw the leaves return in the spring along with MORE SQUIRRELS! My excitement and joy grew with the SQUIRRELS. I couldn’t run around after them outside but I could run around inside the house. I also liked looking at the many different colors of green on the leaves: brilliant yellowish-green, dark green, and vivid green.

Then months passed and the air got cooler and the leaves on the trees changed again. On some of the trees, their leaves were red or yellow and the rest of them remained green. Palm trees where I used to live always stayed green. BORING! This season I found out is called fall or autumn. The leaves in the photo are from where I live. As fall has progressed the leaves became bright yellows, deep reds, oranges, and even bright coral colors. More recently, I have been watching the leaves fall to the ground, as the wind blows them off of the trees. It was as if the leaves were alive moving around on the ground. They looked like a bunch of squirrels running around (without tales). I pretended I was outside chasing those leaves.

Now, it is getting colder, and grandma is not opening my living room windows as often. It is becoming more like when I first came here almost a year ago. I heard there is something called snow in the winter. Last winter was too warm for me to see much snow. It barely stayed on the the ground at all. Maybe this year, where I live will get more snow. I can hardly wait to see THAT to fall.

No, I’m not a shut in. I’m an indoor cat named Sofi. You can read more about my life as a rescued cat and about the
shenanigans both me and my rescued cat companions instigated with each other. My mostly true story is called Sofi’s Tale by Barbara E. Wade. Young children, elementary school teachers, and cat and animal lovers would delight in reading my story.

May Your Meow Be Heard.


Hi, I’m Sofi, I’m Taking Over this BLOG for a While

“For many people who are so lost in their minds, so much involved in their thought processes, the only moments they have when they are not trapped in that is when they are relating to their animal, their pet.”

– Eckhart Tolle

Hello, I’m Sofi, as you can see from my photo, I am a blue-point Siamese mixed with a Tabby cat. This blog is about “Respecting our Differences”. I’m pretty different! If you didn’t get the joke, that’s cat humor. Before Barbara Wade wrote about animals: cats and squirrels mostly, and a lot of other things. Now that I am in charge, you are going to be hearing my cat point of view for a while, so keep watching for my new blogs.

Theses days I live with grandma. I’ve lived with her for about a year. Grandma’s daughter, who I call mom, gave me to her mother. It’s a long story about how my mom gave me to grandma. You can read about it in my book, which is called Sofi’s Tale.

I am quite a well-adjusted cat because grandma and I get along well. It helps that grandma loves me. I snuggle with her almost every night. She also tells me I’m a good girl. She used to be a teacher so she is good about praising my good behavior and rarely scolds me. Of course, that says that I am a good cat, too.

Grandma knows how to play with me and does an excellent job giving me pats on my behind. Sometimes, I am a little demanding with lots of meowing to get those pats. She also pets me a lot while she watches her shows on her tablet; all that petting makes BOTH of us happy. Grandma also brushes me daily. I’ve been told that my fur is silky smoothe.

I do have a few things I hate: MEDICINE. Don’t try to make me take ANY PILLS orally, even if you disguise them in food. Another thing I hate are BATHES. Thank goodness, groomers now tell cat owners NOT to bathe us cats. For years we cats tried to show you humans (through aggressive behavior)- DON’T BATHE US! Finally, informed humans are listening.

There are a few other things, but you’ll have to read more of my blogs to learn about those things I have a low tolerance for. Generally, I am agreeable, (even my Vet says that). Like most cats I love my independence and as an indoor cat, I wish I could go outside. I have horrific flea allergies, and now I live in a place that has what are known as “super” fleas. One flea bite can sent me on an itching frenzy. That’s my cross to bear.

If you want to learn my whole “backstory,” you can read about me in my book: Sofi’s Tale by Barbara E. Wade. It will be coming out soon as a paperback.

May Your Meow Be Heard


Cats Do the Craziest Stuff

cat on trellis

cat siting on top of trellis

Cat do do the craziest stuff. I mean look at this cat. He/she is on top of a trellis. Do cats think gravity does not exist. Apparently so, here’s another on top of a roof.

cat on roof

Black and white cat on top of roof

I have had cats before. My first cat was very intelligent, and one day we caught him trying to open a rather difficult handle on a window. He was using both his paws. It seemed that he had already figured out how to do it, he just wasn’t able. Unfortunately he was so clever, he knew how to open our front door. One day when we forgot to lock it for a few hours, and he walked out and was gone forever. Sorry I have no photos.

Cats can take over your life. Years after my first cat, I had two other cats. The two of them, Autumn and Spring, kept my daughter and I laughing a lot with their antics. Where I live now, I have a neighbor who lives down the street. I’ve seen him once or twice in two years. However, every time I take walk by his house, which is near a local walkway, I see at least one of his cats.  Finally one day in late afternoon, I got to see much of the menagerie of cats. Oh by the way, the cat on the roof was one from this same house, and one of the cats ran in the house when I tried to snap a photo of him/her, and there was another cat on another boat. This owner must be a very generous to his cats.; they definitely seem to run his/her home.

boat cats

boat cats

little black cat in the yard

little black cat in the yard

Just the other day I was taking a walk in a different neighborhood, and I did a double take because at first I thought what I saw was a fur hat on top of a car. No, it was a gray Persian. When I talked to it, he/she turned to face me for a millisecond.

Cats are the original animal that taught us humans how to have boundaries with people and things we do and do not like! Cats are so interesting because they can be so independent and, yet, loving and great to pet.

gray cat on car

gray cat on top of car

Bless all the animals for the smiles and laughter they bring us: be they squirrels, cats, dogs, snakes, deer, rabbits, rats, or tarantulas, particularly when they are our pets or nature buddies.  What would we humans do without them?








black cat 1

lounging black cat

Cats seem to have relaxation down. Since this cat wanders around where I live, she might also be begging for food, but she looks like she’s relaxing to me.

As it turns out for us humans, we need to get relaxation down, too. Stress is one of the major causes for many of our diseases. Relaxation is important for our mental health, too. I can attest to that myself.

Here is a website you might like to visit:

Meditation is really important way for me to relax. Since I have back problems and have fallen sometimes, I have noticed at times that I avoided it. Even though every time I meditate or “sit”, I feel better. Sometimes I have had to meditate lying down. Usually I sit in a chair because I am unable to sit cross legged. During the last few years, I have worked on meditating more. I started with 10 minutes about five days a week, and now am trying for 20 minutes at least four days a week. The point is I need to be kind to myself and think I’m like the cat in this next photo.

A few weeks ago, I had to wait in the laundry room where I live while the washing machine finished its cycle. Instead of pacing around the laundry room as I have done in the past, I stood up and focused on a kiddie sock and meditated for 8 minutes. We can meditate anywhere!

There are different ways to meditate. I had to find the way that worked for me. I also regularly meditate with a small community at least once a week.

black and white cat 1

another lounging cat

This cat is a real head turner. When I saw it rolling in the dirt, I smiled broadly and talked to it. On another day I tried to find him/her again and was talking to him/her when one of my neighbors glared at me. Doctor Dolittle talked to animals; I can, too! At least I don’t expect them to answer me.

black and white cat 2

black and white cat rolling happily

This photo reminds me that I may not be able to roll in the dirt, but I can laugh out loud with my friends and family when we are together. Why hold back when I’m happy? Laughter is definitely another way we humans can relax and connect with each other and can even help ourselves to heal.

Here is an article about the healing power of laughter:

I just returned from a trip and visited my family and saw two cats I do know, my daughter’s cats. I was going to photograph her cats, but my daughter had just taken a great photo of Sofie relaxing on top of the sofa. Thank you, Sofie, for showing us how to relax.

cat relaxing

Sofie, the quintessential lounge cat