Color and Uplift

Winter brings real challenges. Last week so much of the country was dominated by snow with its beauty and difficulties.

In the Northwest, where I live, El Nino has brought us rainy days one after the other. This part of the country is known for that. This is the first year in the three winters that I have lived here, that this has been really noticeable. My first winter was cold, but it was interspersed with sunny days, or my memory is bad. Those of us who live here become used to those gray days. However, when the sun comes out, what a gift!

Why, then, am I featuring this image of a bright green house with a turquoise door? I have noticed for me that color helps me through the darker days of winter. Before I moved here, I had heard that it a lot rained here. So what! Where I moved from, it had rained a lot, too.

One of the things I have noticed here, is that many homes are painted colors I have never seen before. I have lived lots of places: California, Texas, Arizona, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and in Europe. I’ve seen a lot of cities and towns. I’ve traveled across the USA by car trip, twice. What is interesting, is that there are so many homes that are painted in bright colors on their exteriors. Is this how people, who own homes here, uplift their spirits in winter and rainy seasons? Where I live, it is also a quirky small city. People don’t care what their neighbors think about their brightly painted homes. They satisfy themselves. My kind of people!

Before I moved here, I made sure I had a bright rain coat. I had been living in the South, so I knew winters would be darker in the Northwest. Then I bought a second shorter rain coat, that is also a bright color. I also bought a bright color umbrella. I know color helps uplift my spirits. When I take walks, I see these bright color houses and feel a little happier, too.

This is the psychology of color:

Have you ever asked yourself how color affects your mood? Does it uplift your spirits, too?