Small Things Part 1: New Life

New life in all forms of nature is precious. Mother nature at times can be hard on new life, depending on the winter.

baby fern

baby fern

The same goes for humans. How we treat new human life has long term consequences. For me I found being a parent one of the most challenging jobs I had in life. How I nurtured my child was absolutely significant.  One thing for certain, I made lots of mistakes along the way, but acknowledging those mistakes and trying to learn from them helped me to become a better parent.



The needs of our children come first, but then life throws some curve balls: moves because of jobs, divorces, deaths, and health problems. Children are resilient, but we cannot just give them stuff and expect them to feel loved or cared for.

“Raising children is an enormously important part of life. I think one of the most  important, or the most important period.”  – Eric Braeden (Actor)

As a parent I felt I needed to be present for my child and observe what she liked and even ASK her  what she wanted (within reason). The “being present” part consistently was an area that I did not always succeed at because of work, money concerns, other family members, health issues, etc.

new fern

young new fern

The job of a parent is like walking a tightrope: you love your child and simultaneously you need to accept the fact that your child will NOT and can NOT behave perfectly. As a teacher I saw this idea: “my child is perfect” was not helpful to that child at all!  My daughter learned good manners and that life had consequences.  From this I hoped that she would be better prepared to deal with her own life. One thing I remember was how smart my daughter was, and how I had to keep learning about how to deal with her at every age and stage of growth.

This TED by Rufus Griscon and Alisa Volkman  speaks about taboo subjects in parenting that are very real:…

Finding a happy medium to rear new life is complex, and yet, the greatest joy and sorrow I have ever known.
P.S. You have your kids for LIFE!