Volunteers and Volunteering

     Where would you volunteer to make a difference in our world?

In the early fall where I live, I would take a walk almost daily.  Almost every other week I would see different wild flowers along what is known as the Fern Ridge Path close to where I live.

wild flowers, blue

blue wild flower

All of these flowers were volunteers and showed up spontaneously.

shocking pink wildflower

pink wild flower

On each walk I received so much joy noticing nature’s changes and volunteers. Some of these flowers made it through a dry, warm summer.

blackberry bush

blackberry bush

The blackberry bush volunteered its food to us. These berries were young and had not ripened, yet.

What does volunteering mean to us humans? My old Oxford Universal Dictionary says as a verb, to volunteer is:

To offer of one’s own accord to do something; or to offer to undertake or perform something.”

For me this means to give time to a certain group or person. I have been a teacher and a writer. I like volunteering teaching children to read with a program called, SMART. I also teach for the NAACP with a Saturday tutoring and mentoring program.  Other people where I live volunteer feeding the hungry and homeless, or plant trees, or build homes with Habitat for Humanity, or volunteer in the medical fields, or to help animals.  Other people volunteer for causes: peace, GMO labeling of food, ending hunger, racial equity, human rights, etc.

white flowers and dandelions

white flowers and dandelions

For me when I give back I receive joy, connection,  and get to know another generation of school children. I learn that MY life is NOT ONLY about ME.  When I give, my heart is made full!

Even corporate America is rewarding more in the area of volunteering. About 40% of Fortune 500 companies provide monetary donations, also known as volunteer grants, to nonprofits as a way to recognize employees who dedicate significant amounts of time to volunteering in the community.

If you want to learn more about volunteering, please watch this:


    Where would you volunteer to make a difference in our world?