Collective Denial

I have spoken of my own personal denial before. It helped me get through my younger years.  It has not served me well as an adult. When I moved out West two years ago, one of my new refrigerator magnets that I bought is:


self explanatory

Instead of writing about my personal denial, I am going to bring up something about collective denial. It amazes me that some people still deny Global Warming. This year where I live it was the hottest July on record! It has also been extremely dry.  Here is what some of the trees look like in a park close to where I live.

distressed tree

Distressed tree

This is NOT a fall photo; this damage is from high temperatures this summer and no or very low rainfall.

tree summer 2015

Distressed tree (close up)

Imagine if trees gave off Wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.”    – Unknown

More distressed trees:

distressed tree

Another distressed tree

I’m sure you noticed, too, that these are grown trees, not tiny saplings.

“Humans are the only creature in this world who cut the trees, made paper from it and then wrote “Save Trees” on it.”  –  Unknown

pine tree

Distressed pine tree

These trees are in a well established park that relies on rain water. Last summer the trees did NOT look like this.

If you want to read something about the importance of  of trees in stemming climate change, check this out.

Of course, Global Warming is effecting more than trees, and these effects on trees are coming from our changing global climate. I’m sure many of you reading this blog may have similar concerns to my own. I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut on this one. This is a BIG one for ALL of US and requires some changed behavior from all of us and requires us to work together for or at least towards viable, life sustaining solutions. Where I live, many people walk and ride bicycles. If I ride a bike, I have to buy a special kind of bike. Part of my new personal plan may be to drive less, and try to ride a bike more.
From NPR is this story from July 19th about Los Angeles.