Only Light Can Drive Out Darkness


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

These days it is sometimes hard for me to listen to the news. I do NOT have TV, but I listen to the radio. What I am trying to do now is NOT deny what is happening, but to look for what I can do that is positive. I believe that I need to seek the light in my world. I also believe that everything has a vibration and that if I can work towards something positive, then my own vibration is raised. Sure I will have negative days and events that I will work to process, but I will work not to keep myself miserable nor send hateful thoughts toward others. I feel that does NOT help any of us in this country or the world.

The power of our thoughts is elegantly demonstrated in the experiments that Dr. Masura Emoto who prayed, emoted, and did things like playing music over water and then froze that water. When he prayed peace or love over the water, the crystals in the water once it froze after three hours were organized and beautiful. When people thought hate or felt anger towards the water, it did not form organized crystals, or those crystals were not beautifully structured.

Here is a video or some of Dr. Emoto’s photographs of the ice crystals:

These experiments showed me the power of our thoughts.

Today many things happening in politics have led me to shake my head and ask myself, “What is he/she thinking?” I have to stop myself and ask:
What good do those thoughts or utterances do to help any situation or even myself? I don’t have power over things like this in my life. I do have choices of how I respond to what I may be witnessing for the next four years. My conclusion is to work more locally with things I might be able to change or at least have a voice to speak about. I like to work with kids, so I found through a friend a way to volunteer my time. I may spend some time working with animals, particularly, cats because I may adopt one in the near future. I can work with others who have similar beliefs about supporting immigrants or the homeless in my area. In other words, I am going to search for the opportunities in my life where I can see what I am contributing and who is receiving what I am giving.

The other thing I can keep on doing, is improving myself. I shall continue with the inner journey as I get to learn who I AM and am trying to be the kindest person I can be to others and myself. This new year already delivered me an opportunity to notice, for instance, on last Monday how much I dismiss myself and lack good self-care. I noticed I could have made a different choice than I did for myself. It took me a day, but I was able to get to the root of WHY I had been dismissing myself. Learning what I did has helped me to respect my own body more. Love of self and others is opening even more for me. I feel so incredibly grateful.

Since a lot of the inward journey is helping me to be more in the “light” and think positive thoughts, I found another website that shows in a different way of how our emotions and our personal “vibration” are interlinked.

When you get to this website, you may have to scroll down a bit to get to the part about emotions and your personal vibration.

Whether I choose to try to live and think more in the “light” with a higher vibration is really my choice in every moment I am alive and am a citizen of this country and this planet. I welcome my fellow travelers in this life to strive alongside me with this commitment.

What I find amazing, too, is that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew about positive thinking intuitively when he spoke the words I quoted at the beginning of this blog. All of us, including me, need to be thinking like he did every day! We would have a different country and world if we did.