Love and Empathy Conquers Hate and Fear

When I have been afraid, I can NOT think straight. I feel I have no possibilities, or I feel helpless and hopeless. When I can become vulnerable enough and admit my fear and notice why I am afraid, then I can work to tell the truth to myself or others about my fear(s). Then I am free again and can notice other possible ways to deal with a situation or challenge than when I was blinded by my fear.

I was going through this process the few last weeks. This was not an instant process. It took me some time to unravel it. I also had to ask for help from my source. After I did this, I calmed down and was able to more patiently navigate my way through my recent and even ongoing challenges. I found a possible solution that I was unable to even fathom when I had been so fearful.

I have noticed that when I am fearful, I am also less loving and empathetic. I am quicker to anger. Over the last few months, with all of the mass shootings, shootings of African Americans, and police officers and unrest and shootings around the world, I have resisted going to fear, but it crept in anyway. Denying it was there was not helping. Also I have been disturbed and saddened by the hate I have witnessed against all groups of people.

Hate has an energy that is palpable and very dark. However, I and we humans have a way to conquer hate and fear, and that is with love and empathy.

From Wayne Dyer’s Book, page 27: “The Power of Intention” he said in his chapter: “The Seven Faces of Intention”:

“…Love… is a higher/faster energy than the energy of hate.”

Also on the same page Mr. Dyer said:

“Thoughts and emotions are pure energy. When higher energies occupy the same field as lower energies, the lower energies convert to higher energies.”

Therefore, in the presence of the energy of LOVE, hate is conquered.

Getting to this place of LOVE is definitely not automatic for me. What I can do, is begin with myself. I need to begin with being kinder and more loving to myself, only then can I give love or at least have empathy for others. First, I have to shift and acknowledge my fear or anger if I have any. Recently, I found what was under my fear was a very old resentment, which I needed to admit to myself. This included that I needed to become willing to be an observer of my own actions, emotions, and triggers. My source helps me to see what those are when I become willing to be humble and listen from a place of silence. I am no saint. I am aware I need all the help I can get, so I ask or pray for it.

“Love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy of the world.”

– Teil de Chardin

I just saw this this Tuesday. This young man shows what LOVE and EMPATHY are in his unbelievable rap. Don’t miss it! Keep kleenex handy.

Sorry, initially I copied and pasted the wrong rap!


Love vs Hate and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“We must learn to live together as brothers. Or we will all perish together as fools. We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.  …”

from 1968  – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

One of my heroes of the twentieth century was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His words and deeds have long outlived him. He lived and spoke words of truth and love, of cooperation, social justice and equality, respect and dignity for all peoples, cultures, and backgrounds. He is one of mankind’s great teachers, thinkers, healers, and uniters.

human fist

Human fist of hatred

It was the fist and gun of hatred that killed King.  In America’s  and the world’s history, there have been others who were hated for speaking or acting for the equality of all people and then gunned down or murdered: Malcolm X, Viola Liuzzo, Steven Biko, Sitting Bull, Mahatma Gandhi, Medgar Evers, and Abraham Lincoln.

“I still believe that LOVE is the most durable power in the world. Over the centuries men have sought to discover the highest good. This has been the chief quest of ethical philosophy. …I have discovered the highest good. It is LOVE. This principle stands at the center of the cosmos.”  from 1956

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I choose love, as did Dr. King. Love feeds the heart and the head blood and can lead us to feel more cooperative, calm, and compassionate towards others.

heart from necklace

The loving heart

To show you how love and hate even said as words can affect objects in nature Dr. Masaru Emoto asked monks to pray over water and then froze that water into crystals. What he discovered shows us humans how even words and intentions about love and hate must affect us humans greatly, too. You can see the crystal for LOVE and one for “You make me sick” or “Hate” at:

In the case of Zak Ebrahim, he was taught to hate, but he learned peace and compassion.  Watch his TED Talk:

I stand with uniters, and those with compassion for all peoples from the past and present. What do you choose?