“There is nothing PERMANENT except CHANGE.” –

Heraclitus (535 BC-475 BC)

January 2015

January 2014

With things in our world such as the weather, change is very obvious.

January 2015

January 2015

Also with the changing seasons, sometimes we humans witness and accept other changes readily. Other times we are less accepting.

Queen Anne's lace

Queen Anne’s lace Summer 2014

In the late spring and summer, Queen Anne’s lace or wild carrot grows wild where I take walks frequently. It is near the end of summer, and you can see that some of it is already starting to change (in the far right corner)

Queen Ann'e lace fall

Queen Anne’s lace in the fall

In the late fall Queen Anne’s lace looks like this.

Sometimes I start feeling a little sad when the fall ends because I love that season and the changes in the leaves. My attachment to keeping even the seasons from changing brings on my own sadness, as if I could logically stop or control winter from coming! So when I resist change I CREATE my own suffering.

The present moment
contains past and future.
The secret of transformation,
is in the way we handle this very moment.” –

Thich Nhat Hanh

Believe me, I have tried to stop other changes in my life in the past. I have suffered until I finally surrendered and started to accept changes over time.

opening rose

opening rose

Since becoming more willing to embrace change and be less controlling, I have become happier and learned more about myself. I have become open to new possibilities, and my life has been opening like a flower. With practice and some guidance, living in the moment and accepting change without fear has become more possible for me now.

When we humans are unable to embrace change, particularly with how we treat and accept ourselves and each other, this old saying applies to us:

“The more things change, the more they are the same.”  – Alphonse Karr  (1808-1890)

A hopeful “antidote” to Karr’s view about changing human behavior might be this TED Talk by B.J. Fogg.

How do you deal with CHANGE?