Bumpersticker Philosophers 2

I thank the bumpersticker philosophers for sharing what is important to them. One of the first I saw is a saying that is a great reality check.

bumpersticker 1

bumpersticker philosopher 1

What I like about this saying is, it reminds me to accept what is rather than what I would like something to be.  This is a grown up saying; if you can do this, then you are taking life on its terms, not your own wishes and desires. Sometimes I have found getting to what is or was, can at times be painful. There is freedom on the other side of that pain. And the other part of this saying is: we get “it” when we get it.

bumpersticker 2

bumpersticker philosopher 2

This is a political philosopher’s viewpoint. This law has made it possible for people to donate any amount of money to a candidate.  Our Supreme Court sold us little Americans out.  You can tell I do NOT like this law either.  The person who had this on her bumper was speaking for many people including me.

bumpersticker philosopher 3

bumpersticker philosopher 3

What I like about this coexist sticker, it includes all faiths, peace sign, and it is GBLT friendly. That is  lovely, an all inclusive bumpersticker. I would be really happy if we could LIVE this. I CAN start with me.

The Huffington post did an interesting column about bumperstickers. Their version is much sarcastic than mine. It is still fun reading.


I am a semi retired teacher, so this next bumpersticker is another one I can nodded my head to.

bumpersticker 4

bumpersticker philosopher 4

There is so much truth in this bumpersticker.  All of the rest of us are left behind and particularly our children.  In most states school-age children still have to take the grueling end of the year tests. Everyone hates them except the test makers. This bumpersticker manages to put down both billionaires and a terrible education law.

I did not get a photo of  a sign I saw last week on the side of a van.  I saw this van while I was driving on a city street. It was quite an old van.  As I drove passed it, on the side I saw the sign: “Get Away Van”.  Thank God for people like these; they help keep me smiling and sane.



Art, a Reflection of Our World

Art is what helped us humans evolve.  Those cave dwelling artists helped advance us as humans. It wasn’t just our opposable thumb that distinguished us humans!

wall art

town scape art on building wall

Art reminds me, who I am, and who I could be. Art gives me hope. Art goes into the human heart. Art can show beauty or reveals what I want to deny. It is a creative act, that can be a lot more than a painting.

carving in tree

wood carving in tree

In this case it is an amazing carving in a tree of an Egret bird. It stands in front of a counseling office. It speaks for itself.

Art is in so many kinds of work: the writer, musician, architect, game designer, photographer, movie maker, wood worker, chef, and  landscape designer. It is also in the farmer who can bring us food, and who has to be creative in hard times. It is in the teacher who finds a way to reach a student with learning barriers.

This is an article about art and its importance.


fence art

Art on a fence of private home

This art is wood on wood and makes a statement to me about family.  When I was out taking a walk the first time I saw this on this fence, I felt both joy and surprise.

yard art

Yard art with a message

I liked this small yard sign. For me it is like a wish and a prayer. I am thankful and concerned about the bees, too; this yard art had some flair, as well as a message I and many others on this planet share.

The greatest artist in existence, I saw today, as I was driving home and saw a rainbow.  My source, as I call it, provides  all of us with the colors we use that are in every rainbow. Nature around us in every season shows us a rainbow of colors in the trees and water. The animals that surround us show us other awesome colors.  I was unable to catch the rainbow on film, but all of us can remember the first time we saw a rainbow and smile.




Bumper Sticker Philosophers

When I have to sit in traffic behind someone or am in a parking lot and I see a bumper sticker I like, it can change my mood and give me pause to think. I like bumper stickers like that, and I thank the philosophers who put them on their cars.

Bumper sticker 1

Bumper Sticker 1

I “loved” these two bumper stickers because they state basic values that make sense. Living them in our daily lives is a greater challenge. It is always good to have a reminder to be our better selves.

Where I live there are farmers and farmer’s markets close by. I am very fortunate to have access to high quality food. Therefore, these two bumper stickers say it all.

bumper sticker 2

Bumper Sticker 2

bumper sticker 3

Bumper Sticker 3

This bumper sticker is referring to the GMOs that Monsanto Corporation puts in the seeds they sell. Several states in the USA are trying to require labeling of GMOs because we still do not know for sure if they make humans sick or not.  Seeds that have been genetically modified do require more toxic spraying-yuck!

bumper sticker 4

Bumper Sticker 4

I liked this one because it is mysterious and astronomical with a touch of spirituality. This one makes me scratch my head and wonder.

bumper sticker 5

Bumper Sticker 5
Question the Answers

This bumper sticker is a little out of focus and says “Question the Answers”. When I googled “Bumper stickers and TED talks” I got this AMAZING TEDX talk that made me question whether I ever want to use another TED talk for this blog. It is also a good example of “Question the Answers”. Check it out. Benjamin Bratton  is a philosopher and designer who has questioned what we are doing with TED!  TEDX talk appears at the end of the article.


bumper sticker 6

Bumper Sticker 6

I love the song “Imagine” from John Lennon. I sang it with the first Japanese students in the USA that I ever taught before I became a teacher professionally. I love the words of the song anyway. I chose this to be the one “peace” bumper sticker in this blog.

bumper sticker 7

Bumper Sticker 7

This is was the last bumper sticker I took a photo of. The car was in a parking lot. I talked to the owner of the truck that it was on and thanked her. This is one of my favorite messages- if we could only get it and live it!

My thanks to all of the bumper sticker philosophers! I’ll be happy to continue driving behind all of you!