tree summer 2015

Distressed tree (close up)

I featured this tree in a previous blog about “Collective Delusion”.  When I took a walk near this tree after we had one good rain this is how it appeared.

resilient tree

resilient tree after one rain

The wind had blown the dead leaves off and the rain had given this immense tree a transfusion. This tree demonstrates resilience in nature, that ability to bounce back and regenerate after adversity or stress.

“Human beings have enormous resilience.”  – Muhammad Yunis  (Nobel Prize winner and founder of the Grameen Bank, which makes mini loans all over the world.)

I agree with Muhammad Yunis. Last week on September 11, 2015, I heard a story on about Christopher Saucedo of New York City, who has tremendous resilience, and I feel inspired by the actions in his life and his amazing attitude. He’s who I’m going to think of if I start whining about my life!

To listen go to: “Morning Edition” from 9/11/2015. Click on the fifth story:  “After Sandy, Katrina, And Sept. 11, This Scuptor Finds Art in Survival”.

For me I have had to reach into my past and let go of childhood skeletons of abuse in my family of origin’s closet. That past was holding back my own resilience because I didn’t know why I had made such poor choices in my life. It goes back to the fact that I didn’t  know why I felt so bad about myself.  My suggestion: reach into that family closet and use your resentments as sign posts and ASK for and get HELP. Resilience is and was my friend.  We walk hand in hand along with my source and other caring people, family, and friends. I found out I could make peace with my past, and it has given me more compassion for others. Now I am trying to learn to live in the present; that’s all I truly have! Resilience is a great antidote for change which is what life is full of.