I love the colors in nature.  I like to wear bright colors when it is raining or dark. Color lifts my spirit.

shocking pink wildflower

pink wild flower

I appreciate colors in all parts of nature, not just in plants and flowers, also in people. I have had many good experiences with people from all over the world of all shades of beige and brown because I taught English-as-Second language classes for many years. I have friends who are all shades of the rainbow, too. I feel deeply grateful for these relationships.

crocuses mid 2/2015

purple Crocuses

I feel very blessed and grateful that I have had opportunities to work with all people and cultures.  I can’t imagine a world where we were all just one color. I have learned so much from the students I taught and my friends.

ESL students

Adult ESL Class

We Americans live in a country with some racial strife, and some people have a lack of acceptance of people from all cultural and racial backgrounds. Our newspapers and TV news tells us about this almost daily. This is, I believe,  is NOT how many Americans feel. I think many Americans are appalled, as I have been by what we have seen revealed about some of our social institutions which continue to perpetuate racism.

An incomparable documentary about race is called “Race: the Power of an Illusion”. This is short youtube video of only part of this powerful work:

coral and yellow tulip

coral and yellow tulip

I hope and pray for the day that our country can overcome our historically caused issues with racism. I wonder when we will start to have REAL conversations with people from all racial backgrounds participating in dialogues with each other to heal ourselves from our historically tainted roots in slavery, as well as our history with American Indians, Asian groups who built our railroads, Latino people who have been underpaid to harvest our food, and other groups I am probably not even aware of.

Like an addict of any kind with bad habits, to heal with any real change, we Americans must first become fully aware of our past and tell the truth about it. We’ve made progress, and there is still a ways to go.

“I have dream my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will NOT be judged by the color of their skin, but by content of their character.”  

– Dr. Martin Luther Jr.

I pray this for all people and all children in the USA and world.