As a child, I liked to pick dandelions and then make a wish and blow the seeds. Dandelions also represent dreams for me, too. As an adult, it took me longer to learn what my dreams were beside the one about being a parent.

Once I began teaching as an English-as-a-Second-Language teacher I noticed while teaching people from all over the world how similar all of us humans are.
I enjoyed learning about our differences. I celebrated our differences. Thus, that is where my byline for this blog is “Respecting Our Differences”.

My dream today is that all of us humans can learn to respect our differences and learn to live in peace together. That may seem as if that is an “impossible” dream. However, I know I am not alone.

This last weekend I had the good fortune to hear a speaker where I live. He has a dream similar to mine. He is an inspirational speaker and poet. His name is Jeffon Seely. He is also a rapper.

This is his hip-hop rap song. I find his words uplifting.

Another case where hip-hop is making a positive difference is in Central America. The Guatemalan woman rapper, Rebbeca Lane, is traveling through Central America and working with other women hip-hop rappers. Rebecca’s dream is to challenge the machista image toward women and to reduce the social violence in her culture and in hip-hop music. Her group is called Somos Guerreros, which means “We are Warriors”. Ms. Lane is working on a video to record her tour. She and the other women started this tour in Panama and will travel all through Central America. Her story was on PRI “The World” on 3/29/16. The story was on between minutes: 19:50 to 23:00.

This is the link: http://www.pri.org/programs/3704/episodes

We all have dreams. The point is not to give up. I like the dreams that are accepting of all people and inclusive. Dreams that are dark and filled with fear, control, and division between people are nothing more than nightmares.

I dream that our world will work for everyone, not just a few. As far as I am concerned, that old way of thinking has been dying out since the last century. Even if it seems to thrive somewhat today. My dream is that we are just witnessing a transition now.

The two people I wrote about in this blog are examples of what is possible. Dare to dream. Dare to work and act with others who dream big.