Sharing And Offering Acceptance

The Natural world shares spaces freely. It offers acceptance generously.  Can we humans learn from it?

As in many of my blogs, I look to nature as a simile to show us humans how to behave with each other.

tree shares branches with lichen

tree sharing branches with lichen

This relationship between the tree and the lichen is called commensalism, which is the case where one organism benefits from the association (the lichen) and the other is neither positively nor adversely affected (the tree).  I think it would be great if more of us humans had commensal relationships. Tolerance and even stronger, acceptance, of all races and cultures of people could be possible then.

moss on a sidewalk

moss on a sidewalk

The sidewalk “allows” the algae, moss, to grow on it in damp climates. We don’t think of sidewalks as being living things, but the moss certainly is. It was interesting to  use “Google” for: What is moss? And find out that most of the “hits” were how to kill moss on sidewalks. I think that says something about us in America. WE sure do NOT want to SHARE  or offer ACCEPTANCE on OUR sidewalks with MOSS! Yet, at times we make moss gardens in our backyards where it is convenient for US!

“Love is cheering and sharing and compassion and giving and receiving….” –   Ziggy Marley

treetop and birds

treetop sharing space with birds

We humans are able to share space with others like the tree top does with the birds. However, while I’m sharing space with people I don’t know, at times I have had to quiet the petty critic in my head who automatically judges others, an old habit!  And I don’t even know these people! It feels good to notice I’m doing this and then to let that one burst like a bubble in the air.  Reflecting about this also helps me to be more accepting of all people including myself!

What I find very interesting is that US businesses are using sharing and collaboration as a way to create new companies.   This  seems very hopeful, and one answer to the question I posed at the beginning of this blog.

This business change is explained very well by Lisa Gansky in a TED talk from 2011.

Do you know of other examples where sharing and offering acceptance by humans is happening?