Sunflowers Remind Me of Sunshine

“Mother Earth speaks to you through EVERY flower.” –  *

I am very happy I live in a state that is getting rain. However, during December we had more rain than I have ever experienced here since I moved here 2  1/2 years ago.  This weekend we got snow and ICE, so it is time to bring out the summer Sunflowers!

balck-yed susans

black-eye Susan

Thank you sunflowers for your happy faces.  You are a humble flower that shows up in the late summer. Your bright color reminds me of the sun.

real sunflowers

“Real” sunflowers

These are the really large sunflowers, the ones that give us seeds and sun chokes to eat. Tist is a generous flower that gives us good stuff to eat!

Sunflowers give me joy when it gray outside. All I have to do is think about them, and my mood is uplifted.

I found this TED Talk which is from the time-lapse photographer, Louie Schwartzberg, who uses his beautiful photos from nature and flowers to demonstrate gratitude for all that is and all that connects us together.


another kind of sunflower

Another kind of sunflower

When I first took a photo of this flower (above) last August,  there was a hillside of these happy flowers. Then I took walks for nearly 3 weeks in other areas.  When I returned to where these flowers had been, because it had not rained, all the flowers had died and only dried flower stocks remained.  You also may recall from my blogs, there were trees dying here, too, last summer. I am thankful for every drop of rain we are getting right now.

super black eye susan

“super” black eye Susan

This is a larger Susan, close up.  I had the pleasure of its company (along with a few others) in my home for a week or two this last summer.

There is no lowly flower.  Have you ever really looked at a Dandelion close up? Yes. They are part of the sunflower family, which every 4th flower belongs to!



It is a beautiful flower, too, and every part of the dandelion is edible. When I don’t see dandelions in the winter, I miss them, too.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”  *

*Both of these quotes were at: Thank you!