Exceptional Leaders Who Changed My Life


We but mirror the world. All the tendencies in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.
– Mohandas K. Gandhi

Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to meet and listen to the grandson of one of the people who has lived and made a huge difference in our world, M.K. Gandhi. Arun Gandhi was speaking in the town where I live. His message confirmed so much of what I believe: that we humans are one human family, personal peace and serenity come from how I choose to live and be responsible for my own life, the power of love for all people is essential for all people on this planet, how I can work with others, how greed and addiction to material stuff is diminishing the character and behavior of many of people, particularly our leaders on this planet. I was so thankful to Arun Gandhi that he visited our town, and I felt honored to be able to say to him face-to-face how much his grandpa was a hero of mine.

The words and writings of M. K. Gandhi, helped change the course of my life when I was in my thirties. I had been through a major life change and had bought and then read Gandhi’s autobiography. That book and and movie, Gandhi, showed me a very different way to see the world. I started working with a peace organization and felt at home. That organization, Beyond War, also spoke about how all humans are one. My daughter also participated in activities connected to Beyond War. This echoed Gandhi’s message of how ALL of us are one human family. This way of seeing the world went into my heart. This thinking probably also planted the seed in me to become an English-as-a-Second Language teacher. Again while I was teaching to people from around the world, I got that although we are different, we humans are all linked together in one human family. In my late forties, I bought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s writings and tapes of his speeches. King’s universal loving message again echoed what Gandhi had said during his lifetime. I discovered Dr. King long after he had died.

These two leaders were my role models and have helped me to become who I am today and have influenced what I think and feel about much of what I see in the world. I am deeply grateful to both M.K Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr for showing me a more loving way to be in the world. Unlike the fake heroes of movies, these were real men with their own human foibles. Their great thinking and way of being in the world outweighed whatever imperfections they may have had. That I came to know of them will be one of my life’s saving graces.

Therefore, meeting M.K. Gandhi’s grandson was like fulfilling a life dream. Arun Gandhi lived with his grandfather for more than one year when he was 12-years old. He is carrying his grandfather’s message out into the world. The photo I used in this blog is from the cover of his book, Legacy of Love.

At this time, Gandhi’s message of love, tolerance, oneness of humanity is needed in many countries, including the USA and even in India. Fear, division, and greed between people has been adopted in so many governments and businesses across the world, and what is needed is open-hearted and kind behavior. I am going to stand on the side of love and kindness. It was a huge gift that I got to be reminded of this message by Arun Gandhi.

This is a youtube video of Arun Gandhi speaking in Cleveland, OH from 2015. The introduction lasts for about two minutes.

I do not ever expect to become Mohandas K Gandhi or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I can strive to live the principles that they showed in action to the world, and be the best me I can be.