Covering Up

I have written two blogs about graffiti. Recently I took a walk back to one of the places where I had taken a photo that I had used in the blog “Graffiti 2”.
The graffiti had said, “Love to the Masses”. I was sad to see it had been covered up. It was even really well-done graffiti. I found the blotch of white paint offensive. Who is to say that the white, boring wall was better than the positive message that the graffiti had said? That graffiti had spoken for a lot of voiceless people, including me.

How much covering up do we humans do? If my life is any example, covering up and “looking good” is what I noticed is part of the American way of life. Years ago I also had the good fortune to take a course from a very observant teacher who was from Chile, and he talked a lot about “looking good”, so I started noticing the covering up and looking good I saw around me.

What is interesting, looking good goes along very well with denial, which I realized, after the fact, that I had used as a tool to survive certain experiences in my life. Once I became an adult, that denial made it possible for me to deceive myself which, in turn, kept me stuck and brought drama into my life.

“The only thing more shocking than the truth are the lies people tell to cover it up.”

What I find ironic, is that we often only think that “covering up” happens with politicians, business leaders, entertainers, and others, but we then fail to notice in our own lives how we are covering up our own stuff. I know I had my own blind spots and self-deception going on.

The day came when denial didn’t work for me. Awareness is wonderful. What is great, now I get to be me without covering up, looking good, and denial. Now I am free. Sometimes that means I make new choices of the people I am close to in my life or choose a different action to take.

Covering up graffiti or anything doesn’t make sense, to me, including covering up concerns in my OWN life. That just blocks my OWN love, joy, and gratitude.

Today as I was driving home and uncovering another interesting piece about my life, the Grateful Dead came on the radio and comforted me. Take a listen.