Sofi’s Blog (the Cat) Continues: Seasons

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty.”

Ernest Heminway

Before where I lived there was just one season, sunny or hot day after day. Now, I have seasonal changes. Yeah!

When you sit looking out the window as much as I do, I am thankful that the seasons bring something new. So far I have seen NO leaves in winter. Then I saw the leaves return in the spring along with MORE SQUIRRELS! My excitement and joy grew with the SQUIRRELS. I couldn’t run around after them outside but I could run around inside the house. I also liked looking at the many different colors of green on the leaves: brilliant yellowish-green, dark green, and vivid green.

Then months passed and the air got cooler and the leaves on the trees changed again. On some of the trees, their leaves were red or yellow and the rest of them remained green. Palm trees where I used to live always stayed green. BORING! This season I found out is called fall or autumn. The leaves in the photo are from where I live. As fall has progressed the leaves became bright yellows, deep reds, oranges, and even bright coral colors. More recently, I have been watching the leaves fall to the ground, as the wind blows them off of the trees. It was as if the leaves were alive moving around on the ground. They looked like a bunch of squirrels running around (without tales). I pretended I was outside chasing those leaves.

Now, it is getting colder, and grandma is not opening my living room windows as often. It is becoming more like when I first came here almost a year ago. I heard there is something called snow in the winter. Last winter was too warm for me to see much snow. It barely stayed on the the ground at all. Maybe this year, where I live will get more snow. I can hardly wait to see THAT to fall.

No, I’m not a shut in. I’m an indoor cat named Sofi. You can read more about my life as a rescued cat and about the
shenanigans both me and my rescued cat companions instigated with each other. My mostly true story is called Sofi’s Tale by Barbara E. Wade. Young children, elementary school teachers, and cat and animal lovers would delight in reading my story.

May Your Meow Be Heard.


I Love Nature

One touch of NATURE makes the WHOLE WORLD KIN.”
William Shakespeare

Lately I have been going through a bit, as most all people are. This last week, besides great friends and family being major solaces for me, nature brought me back to MYSELF and my own life. For me and my hyper-mind, I find wonderful and necessary grounding in nature. And thank God for spring because so many squirrels are out and are entertaining me and everyone with their antics. I have loved squirrels since I was a child. Back then I had the good fortune to try to feed chipmunks grapes when my family was camping.

One of the places where I lived was on the second floor, and I had a gray squirrel that would sometimes visit me in the tree outside my window. He/she always made me feel happy. I have written other blogs about squirrels and am pleased to do it again. The squirrels where I live now have orangy-brown chests and tails. I think they are Douglas squirrels. “My” squirrels are very used to people, and you can approach them and photograph them. I love my camera, but sometimes I wish I had a telephoto lens.

For the last few weeks, I saw two small squirrels running from tree limb to tree limb, running up and down stairs, running up and down tree trunks, and running after each other. On Good Friday a third slightly larger squirrel joined the other two, and I watched them for almost 10 minutes in my car after I parked. I had this wish I would have my camera close by, so I could photograph their cuteness. And on Easter Sunday, that wish was granted. (Thank you, God!) I went out in my bathroom when I saw “my” two small squirrels in a tree and shot a series of photos for this blog. They flitted from tree to tree following each other. The last photo captured one of them in the crook of the large tree, (you can only see the outline of its head and ears) and the other one is on a limb nearby.


Squirrels, Nature’s Playmates

squirrel at front door

squirrel buddy near my front door

During a recent vacation to visit family, I missed my squirrel buddy at home. He/She showed up at my front door only four days after I returned home. What a homecoming!

I have had an affinity for squirrels since I was about seven, and I had a chance to feed a chipmunk a grape. As I vaguely recall, a blue jay swooped down and frightened the chipmunk away. From then on squirrels have been my friends.

squirrel buddy 2

squirrel buddy in tree

Earlier during the month before my vacation, I was taking a few photos of a spider web, and my squirrel buddy was checking me out. He/She’s right in the middle of the photo on the limb. I swear he/she was staring me down. I did not see him/her smile.

resting squirrel

squirrel resting after eating last year 2014

Less than a year ago, when I first started the blog, a squirrel ran up the same tree; I took a photo of him/ her, too for the blog I did.

I am becoming so attuned to squirrels I talk to them now. I tell them it is going to be OK, and they can keep on doing what they are doing. I send out friendly vibes to them. I even did this last weekend when I was in a different neighborhood. I saw a squirrel in a garden at a home that I was walking by.  At first the squirrel stood up on its hind legs( it was so cute) and looked like it might take off. I just talked to the squirrel in a low reassuring voice, and the squirrel went back to searching for food, and I walked passed the house, smiling. Cool to connect with nature and squirrel buddies.

I am not the only one who likes squirrels. Here is a little more information about squirrels you might not know.

I saw the following on Facebook today, and it is so super cute, and it’s about a squirrel.