Standing with and Working Together


“Let’s put our minds together to see what we can build for our children.”

_Sitting Bull, Sioux chief

I am filled with hope for all Americans because of what happened in North Dakota. It was working together with many people, first nation’s tribes from all over the country, American soldiers, and even people like me online who could not go to North Dakota. We stood with the Sioux tribe of Standing Rock, and the Army Core of Engineers had to listen about changing the access of the pipeline through the their land and destroying their water. I was joyous when I heard the news of this.

I plan to remain vigilant and cautious and hold the Army Core of engineers to their word, no matter who is president. It is time to begin and stand with and work together on rectifying our past. When I saw the abuse that was recently experienced by the people protesting the pipeline, it reminded me of the 1960s and of what I saw the local police do to black protestors in Alabama and other southern states before the Civil Rights Act was passed. Using water cannons on people who are peacefully protesting is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

If you do not know about what happened with the Standing Rock tribe, here is a great summary.

Since 1607 when the English arrived at Jamestown, the “invaders,” immigrants, the English and other Europeans, have never kept a treaty with any first nation’s people in this country. It is time in the 21st century that all of us change that history with this offensive pipeline in North Dakota. US history, in regards to all first nation’s people here, is one of the most shameful, cruel, and murderous, parts of our history, other than slavery against people from Africa.

“Not able to enslave the Indians, and not able to live with them, the English decided to exterminate them.”

-Howard Zinn from a People’s History of the Untied States, page 13.

If you have not seen the PBS series “We Shall Remain”, I challenge you to watch ALL of it and then see if you think it is morally right to stand with the Sioux nation in North Dakota.

The first time I was even slightly conscious about the plight of native people was when at 20 years old and I had moved to Arizona. After several months of living in Scottsdale, AZ, I kept seeing young men about high school age who looked like they belonged to a local tribe (I am not sure which one). I finally asked my husband, why these young men all had to wear black jeans and white long sleeve shirts. He replied,”They have to go to Indian School.”

At the time he said this, it just seemed strange and not right, somehow. Little did I know until much later in my life, that in the USA we had been training Native American children since the late 1800s to be “American” and took their language and culture away from them, even if those children lived on their reservations, where we had stuck them after we took much of their land.

Today I and all of us 99% Americans can stand with the Sioux tribe and reverse the past injustices against first nation’s people. When many of us stand together with concern and love for our fellow people on this planet, NO ONE CAN BREAK US! Remember we are still a representative democracy. We can choose to NOT let greed dominate our choices as a people and continue to pollute our planet until ALL our children and grandchildren have NO FUTURE, or we can act from the moral high ground and protect the future of our planet for ALL of us, including the Sioux people of Standing Rock.
Listen to a story about the Standing Rock tribe and the pipeline from 12/5/16.