I Support Refugees

Omran Daqneesh

Refugees are suffering around the world. Without taking sides about how this has happened and assigning blame, these refugees have real life threatening circumstances that we can only imagine. Often these refugees must escape where they have been living to stay alive.

My crude sketch is of the five year old boy, Omran Daquneesh, who was playing with his brother who was 10 years old in the street. Omran was found under rubble after the bombing of Aleppo. He was photographed on August 20, 2016. His brother died. Omran is the face of many people who need to leave Aleppo, Syria, but can’t. He needs to be a refugee. When we do not allow but only a few Syrian refugees into the USA, we are blocking children such as Omran.

This is the story from The Guardian. It includes a video of Omran.

When those of us who want to ban refugees from our shores and particularly Syrian ones, they are often making their decisions based on worst case scenarios and fear towards these refugees. Fear towards those we do not know has never brought good solutions, particularly when that fear are not based on facts. During the Obama administration last year, 85,000 refugees have been resettled in the USA. About 11,000 of those refugees are Syrian.

Here is a report that has good points to think about.


A few weeks ago on Facebook, I was “liking” an Alicia Keys post about her Wearing No Makeup. Underneath that post, I saw another post and watched this remarkable 11 minute video. It captured the refugee experience with so much compassion and love.


Not only are them some Americans, who are unwelcoming to the current refugees in this world, here are two stories, one about Calais, France which also includes England and the other is about Australia.

From September 13, 2016 Morning Edition there are 2 stories
1. “For One French Woman An Eye-Opening Visit to Calais Refugee ‘Jungle’
2. “A Refugee’s Tale: He Escaped Iran; He’s Stuck on a Pacific Island”

To me the refugee “problem” is one because we humans make it one.

It is hopeful that in the USA, it is often in the churches in various states that take up on the behalf of refugees. The church members in these churches live what they preach in action. In this case, the church and its members belong to the Nassau Presbyterian Church of Princeton, NJ. This was a story from September 14, 2016 on National Public Radio.


The Show is called: “NJ Church Group To Resettle Syrian Refugee Family with Special Needs”

It is not being “politically correct” to be kind to people who are in dire need as many refugees are. I am merely being humane. When I or we look away from what is happening in our world, I and we just become cold and heartless. I am NOT being the best I can be unless I care about others as I do myself.