angel holding child

pink angel holding child

“Feathers are reminders that angels are always near.”  Unknown

Yes, I believe in angels. I put some of them on the ledge of my window in my bedroom. An old friend gave her to me.  I’ve never seen an angel. However, when I used to live in North Carolina, a photo that appeared in the newspaper captured the image of an angel like form in one of the local hospital’s hallways where people had been praying to spare an individual’s life. That person recovered.

I have experienced the grace and being spared near death enough times that I don’t doubt angels.   I thank my higher source and angels for that! I’m thankful to be alive. I have other angels in my bedroom window.

angel of the heart

angel of the heart

This angel is to remind me to come from my heart. I am generally nice, but some days it’s harder than others, so this angel reminds me to dial any pissy-ness down in my mood. She reminds me to try to be my better self.

hippy angel

hippy angel

My hippy angel makes me laugh. The first time I saw her, she made me laugh. I call her my hippy angel because she is wearing some clunky sandals. She is not a pretentious angel or a beautiful angel, but a simple, “down to earth”, cheerful angel.

cat angel

cat angel

I found this cat angel at a resale store that finds homes for stray cats. I have had cats before, and they were good buddies to me, so naturally I had to have this cat angel when I saw this ornament. This is my cat as well as my angel protection!

Japanese maple

baby angel wings on Japanese maple

I see “baby” angel wings on the pink “helicopters” that are on Japanese maples in the late summer. This is what a Japanese Maple looks like.

Japanese maple tree

Japanese Maple tree



“helicopters” from maple trees

These are regular size dried “helicopters” off of the maple trees where I live. They, too, look like angels’ wings to me, at least that is how I want to think of them.

maple tree

Maple Tree

I know I’m not alone in my beliefs. Many faiths speak of guardian angels and other kinds of angels. In my neighborhood, I spotted an angel in a yard nearby on one of my daily walks.

yard angel

yard angel

A small angel rests in the yard under the red flowers. I did not feel I could march into this private yard to get a closer photo.

I went to youtube to see if there were any photos of angels. What I like about this youtube video is that there is a story explaining what happened before each of the photos was taken.

angel coins

Angel coins

These angel coins came from one of my massage therapists. With her I experienced a great deal of healing. While she worked on me, we talked about angels, and then one day before I left her care, she presented me with these three angel coins of: Love, Courage, and Hope. When we see each other at my doctor’s office or out and about town, we always exchange healing hugs.

Angels are ever present in my life in so many ways.