I Love Immigrants III

This blog is in support for the immigrants who are from Afghanistan and Iraq who have been promised visas to come the the USA because they were people who were interpreters and translators for our American troops and the previous American Secretary of State and other important officials during our now last 15 years of war. These are people who risked their lives to help our troops and were absolutely essential to saving the lives of many of our US soldiers. Because the US State Department and present Administration is so adverse to letting new immigrants in, some of these translators who helped OUR troops, are being murdered (including their families) while they are waiting on visas to the USA which were promised to them for their service to US war effort and our soldiers.

Thurs. March 16, 2017, President Trump asked for a large increase of the federal budget for the US military. Without keeping our word to the people who have already helped American Soldiers in far reaches of the world, this president is showing the world that we are a nation which CANNOT be TRUSTED. Therefore, the president is putting the future US soldiers and military he wants to expand in great danger because of ignoring the promises the USA already made to people who helped our military and risked their lives for us in the past. Throwing money at the problem is NOT enough. And one of his claims is to protect our US soldiers. OH REALLY? Those are just vacant words and false promises.

Who will stand with us in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries to translate for our troops in the future as we try to defeat ISIS? One thing many Americans do NOT understand is that the world looks at us. We may not know about their culture or people, but they know a lot about ours. We are the big dudes on this planet, but we can NOT do the job without the people from the regions where we want to defeat ISIS.

To understand what is happening with these translators, particularly in Afghanistan, this story was on The World which is on PRI radio on March 14, 2017:


The only thing that is even making it possible to even allow a few more translators to get the immigrant visas they deserve to get into the USA, is that the President’s ban of immigrants is being fought in courts in the states of Hawaii, Washington, California, New York and Oregon.

Still more than 10,000 of these interpreters who helped our county may be left out in the cold and not get the visas they deserve, and then more of them may be murdered by ISIS. How can the country that I love be so callous about people who helped US and saved our soldiers? This will certainly backfire, and we will lose more of our own US soldiers because of the choices of an ill-informed president who made a very destructive choice about Afghan and Iraqi people who helped us in the past. I hope the present Secretary of Defense Mattis will be able to get President Trump to see the fallacy in this thinking and that these immigrants who helped our US troops can NOT be dismissed because of some uninformed, misguided “campaign promise”.


I Love Trees

I have always loved to be where there were trees. I feel good surrounded by trees. When I want to feel peaceful, besides meditating, trees and being around green helps me feel peaceful. I remember in biology when I learned how trees give us humans oxygen, and we humans give them carbon dioxide, my love for trees grew more.

Now I live in a state where cutting down trees changed the entire state’s economy when leveling the forests was no longer an option. It was a difficult transition for the loggers here. I think the spotted owl became the culprit to stop the logging, but because we stopped logging in many areas in the Northwest, we might have also helped to curb some global warming on the planet.

Here are some facts about trees. There are some good reasons to at least be thankful for trees, even if you don’t go around hugging them.


In Western Canada, cutting down trees became a huge fight between loggers on one side and native people and environmentalists on the other. The fight began in 1993 over the Great Bear Rain Forest. The Great Bear Rain Forest Agreement was finally signed on February 4, 2016 in British Columbia. The agreement protects 85% of the old growth forest from logging. This fight became known as the “War in the Woods”.
This is a fight we Americans from the USA can learn from. Take a listen. It took more than 20 years to resolve this fight.


In the state of Oregon, for example, this fight is still going on to protect the forests here. From the website: Oregon Wild, here is a view of what is still happening now.

Of course, I cannot leave out the fact that trees help mitigate global warming because they soak up carbon monoxide. From more up-to-date studies of global warming, we learn that reforestation and tree planting really work well help our planet with global warming. This article from The Guardian helps to explain more about reforestation.

I remember years ago a person who I was taking a course with me was showing a group of us how to hug a tree, and the trees we were hugging were sequoias in Muir Woods outside of San Francisco. (Now it is probably banned, because it became too prevalent.) At the time, I felt very awkward and foolish. I just did NOT get it! I was not an old (or even youngish) hippie, back then (I am now). I do not go around hugging trees now, but I do not consider it foolish at all. You do not have to go to an old growth forest to get the “good” vibrations that a tree or trees give(s) off.

Science Proves Hugging Trees Is Good for Health

Where I was born, we usually had to plant trees because it was so dry. I love my family, but I am not able to live close by because of several reasons. One of them is that there are NOT enough trees around where my family lives and because of drought, many of them are dying. One place I lived, many years ago was Arizona, and I was not particularly happy there at all. Today I’m a happier person because I live in a place that has plenty of evergreens and all kinds of trees. Green trees are part of what I need to make me smile a lot. In that kind of green, I feel immersed in nature and closer to my source.