And Our Children Shall Lead Us

For the title of this blog, I borrowed and altered the Bible quote “…and a little child shall lead them” from Isaiah 11:6.

These 21 children are fighting for their and our future. I had the good fortune to spend nearly three hours waiting in the airport with one of these children, Levi Draheim. He is the youngest plaintiff in a lawsuit, and he will be 9 years old in July. (He is in the vest in the front row.) As a former teacher, I enjoyed having several conversations with Levi while I waited for our plane.

Levi is part of Our Children’s Trust, a nonprofit, which is suing the U.S. Government and Fossil Fuel Industry for damaging the environment because of the high CO2 levels and global warming that has ensued. On March 12, 2016, the “Rolling Stone” said this about the lawsuit:

“…the complaint lays out how the government has known since the 1960s that carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels directly contributes to global warming and a destabilized atmosphere, and yet continues to aggressively promote and subsidize fossil fuels extraction. This endangers the health and wellbeing of youth and future generations, .. and violates the plaintiffs constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property.”

The federal judge, Magistrate Thomas Coffman, in Oregon ruled against the U.S. Government and the oil companies and in favor of these 21 children and Dr. James Hansen in March this year.

“When these kids spoke up, Big Oil companies like ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Koch Industries got scared and through their trade associations joined the U.S. government in trying to stop the lawsuit.” This was part of the statement I got from the Our Children’s Trust website after I signed their petition. These are some of the companies these children are fighting against. Wow!

If you would like to stand with these children, you can sign a petition to support them on their website:
I posted a copy of the petition on my Facebook page on Monday, April 25.

To read more stories about several of the children, who are plaintiffs in the lawsuit, you can go to the following website:

Levi’s mother, Leigh-Ann Draheim, provided the photo that was taken in March 2016, which I used for this blog, and the websites for which I am very grateful.

The 21 children who are part of the Our Children’s Trust are speaking out for all of us on this beautiful earth. I am deeply grateful for their courage and leadership. Their actions inspire me and give me great hope concerning the future. Besides writing this blog, the other thing I can do is back their actions in whatever way I am able.