Graffiti Artists Part 2

Since this is the time of year that is about being thankful, loving, and kind, I wanted to show you some of the graffiti where I live.

graffiti 1 Part 2

graffiti 1 Part 2

Now, if we could only do this!  It is hard to walk in some else’s shoes, and fear can stop us.  More recently, I got to witness now fear was stopping me for doing the right thing for myself. It was not about the other person, it was about me! I needed to trust myself.

graffiti 2 hearts

Graffiti 2 Hearts on the path

Last summer on another walk I saw these hearts, they extended past what I could capture on my camera.  I LOVE the message. Skip the Yellow Brick Road, take the path of hearts.  The more I seem to feel what is happening in my heart, instead of my head, the more I feel all together. It could be joy or sadness.  It is great not to be numb! Great to be fully human!

graffiti 3 Part 2

Graffiti 3 Teach Love

This graffiti touched my heart as a teacher. Can you imagine what kind of world we would live in if we were able to teach LOVE.  Love is a choice. Since I took this photo back in May, this graffiti has been painted over. Some graffiti with loving messages, I feel we should let stand. However, I do NOT work for the city where I live.

graffiti 4 part 2

Graffiti 4 SMILE

We may have the same graffiti artist to thank for this sign as well as the hearts that on the graffiti 2 “hearts on the path”.  This is in a different area. Smiling I consider an act of kindness to self and others. Years ago I had a teacher who told me that when you smile you trigger two points in your forehead that increase your immune system.

Here are some other things that smiling does:

It is no wonder that I always feel better when I smile.

graffiti 5 Part 2

Graffiti 5 Heart

This heart was not far from the “hearts on the path” graffiti 2.  I leave you with this heart to try to remind myself and you who we could be during this season of stress, irritation, and LOVE.  Here’s hoping the LOVE overrides the stress and irritation. We have a choice about this, too! Smile!