Whimsy and Quirkiness

whimsical fan

whimsical fan

As a “fan” of whimsy, I had to photograph this “yard art”.  Whimsy is the out of the ordinary. It makes me laugh and elevates my mood. There is also an element of creativity that I like about it, too. For me life is both a comedy and a tragedy. Whimsy helps remind me of the fun and joy in life.

Whimsy and quirkiness is playful. It reminds me not to take life too seriously.

gymnastics in park

gymnastics at Fresh Market

Besides this being beautiful to watch, these gymnastics took place at our fresh market where vendors sold their wares.  The fact that this couple didn’t care who watched, and did not collect money for their “art” felt whimsical and alive to me. I smiled inside and outside.

bottle top

bottle top with a message

Again I smiled, or even laughed  out loud when I discovered this on a bottle top from a health food store drink. Whimsy surprises me. Being silly is not valued in our culture, so this bottle cap reminded me that I get to be who I am, even if I am being silly. When I am being silly, I am reminded of the innocent child, who does not care what others think, particularly if I am not hurting any one else. Go ahead laugh a little too loud. Smile like a “fool”. Be yourself!

This TED Talk by Dan Gilbert has some interesting things to say about happiness that may surprise you.  http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_gilbert_asks_why_are_we_happy

“Don’t worry about the world ending today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”
~ Unknown ~    
Thank you Unknown!

Where I live, quirky is everywhere. This place is not quite as pretentious as other places I have lived. One day I was waiting outside for my doctor’s office to open. Within five minutes I saw an adult woman who was wearing a beanie with a spinner on top of it walking on the sidewalk with a male. Then I saw an adult male drive by on his bike. He had put a card in one of the spokes of his wheels, so it made a whirring noise. The last thing I saw was a shirtless and shoeless man on his bike, with flowing long hair ride by on his bike. Another day in another neighborhood,  a man rode by me on his bike while I was walking and shouted out “Lots of love”. I shouted back, “Same to you.”

quirky attitude

quirky attitude

With whimsy and quirkiness  in my life,  I feel happy, and it rarely costs me anything except to remain open to being aware of it.