Hail to Rubber Sidewalks and Older Americans

All Americans, but particularly those of us who are heading for 65 or older, of which we soon will be about 20% of our population would probably love rubber sidewalks ( yes, they are real). Their knees, ankles, legs, backs, and insteps would be happy about this, too. Rubber sidewalks would also make our trees happier. However, older Americans will settle for wood chips, too.

wood chip trail

wood chip trail

The USA is a country that worships youth.  Because of this older Americans can be overlooked, neglected, and often as a group are scammed to donate to “causes,” some of which are illegitimate, or criminal.  Read this from the National Council on Aging:


Or older Americans would enjoy walking on earth trails with a touch of gravel.

earth trail

earth trail with gravel

Another old school way, besides the internet, hounds our elderly folks.  Seemingly legitimate groups use the mail and phone calls to intimidate our aging parents and older Americans and lie to them about where and how the donations they make will be used. They claim the donations they make will be sent to benefit, for example, American soldiers.  This NOT always the case. The Daily Beast exposed this group in this story:


A surface older Americans would like to walk on is the softer dirt trail next to the regular cement sidewalk.

trail next to sidewalk

softer trail next to the sidewalk

Another HUGE betrayal aimed at older Americans is that even some congressional members frequently threaten to terminate or reduce Social Security as a way to “fix” the federal budget deficit. Have the senators and legislators who propose this, thought about what will happen to the aging Americans, who have no other resources? These are Americans, who have paid for years into Social Security.   This is  just wrong, cruel, mean, and few other choice words. Who are these congress people representing? Certainly, not the hardworking American people.

Other cultures around the world take care of their elderly with a different attitude than we do in the USA. This article gives you an idea.


I leave you with a song sung by a famous “baby boomer”:


Thank you, Ms. Aretha Franklin.  RESPECT is what is missing for our older Americans!