Quirky 2

I am so fortunate, I live in a small city where quirky and lack of pretense is the norm! Quirky is something fun and always will be for me. Quirky stuff makes me smile. I went to see family further south on the west coast, and I knew for sure that I was home when I saw an adult woman dancing and twirling around while she was waiting for the bus.


pacifier on a fence

This pacifier was on this fence a few months ago. It is a fence at the beginning of one of the many entrances to a walking and biking path.  A few weeks later when I took another walk there, it was gone. This pacifier was my inspiration to do another blog on quirky.

At one of my favorite quirky stores where I live, a man makes signs and art out of wood. These are examples of his signs. I find some of them are funny, and others are make me pause and think.

wooden signs

wooden signs

I love this particular car that I have seen a young woman drive. I have seen it in red, then this silver color with all the designs, and recently when I saw her driving it, it was black.

quirky car

“quirky” paint job on VW

One day if I can intercept her when she’s not driving it, I’ll have to thank her for entertaining me with all the changes and artist flair she brings to her car and how she makes me smile.

There is another kind of quirky I like. That is the “sweet” quirky that I have seen in yards where I live. Here are a few examples.

sweet quirky 1

“sweet” quirky 1

sweet quirky 2

“sweet” quirky 2 with a message

I’ll leave you with an ironic sign from a local business. This was painted on the back of a truck- trailer.

sign on truck

sign on truck-trailer

The huge messages that I receive from witnessing and being quirky are: “be yourself”, do what you like,  and do it as if no one is watching (and do it with loving kindness toward yourself and others)!