Hanging Out

ducks together

Ducks hanging out on bank

For as long as I can remember, I always enjoyed hanging out with friends and family.  It was always something that touched my heart and felt good to me. Also because I have taught English, good communication has been very important to me.

birds over marsh

All kinds of birds hanging out near lake

Today, texting, twitter, etc. seems to be killing meaningful communication between people. I feel a little perplexed when I see a family or couple sitting across the table from each other at a restaurant, each browsing their own cell phones. Are many people losing the art of hanging out and conversing?

Canadian geese

Canadian geese hanging out on hill

The word relationship has the word “relate” as a root.  To relate means to:  tell, give an account of, to connect. If we are doing one-sided communication with texting and twitter, for example, how deep can we get to know someone? What I find missing with texting is hearing the emotion in the other person’s voice when I speak to him or her. Also that person’s tone and volume say something about what that other person is feeling, for example, on the phone or in person. Immodicons can NOT really capture that human connection. Texting has its uses and is another good way to communicate, but something is missing in the human domain if this is how some one communicates with others much of the time.

ducks in stream

Ducks hanging out in a stream

I am not alone in my concern about the loss of the art of conversation. Check this article out from the “Huffington Post”:


Beside diminishing our verbal communication, another side effect from texting and using your cell phone frequently is that it can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. This article explains this syndrome more explicitly:


We have choices in how we communicate with each other. Hanging out, whether on the phone or face-to-face, will continue to be of my FAVs.
Have you REALLY hung out lately with your friends and/or family?