I Love Nature

One touch of NATURE makes the WHOLE WORLD KIN.”
William Shakespeare

Lately I have been going through a bit, as most all people are. This last week, besides great friends and family being major solaces for me, nature brought me back to MYSELF and my own life. For me and my hyper-mind, I find wonderful and necessary grounding in nature. And thank God for spring because so many squirrels are out and are entertaining me and everyone with their antics. I have loved squirrels since I was a child. Back then I had the good fortune to try to feed chipmunks grapes when my family was camping.

One of the places where I lived was on the second floor, and I had a gray squirrel that would sometimes visit me in the tree outside my window. He/she always made me feel happy. I have written other blogs about squirrels and am pleased to do it again. The squirrels where I live now have orangy-brown chests and tails. I think they are Douglas squirrels. “My” squirrels are very used to people, and you can approach them and photograph them. I love my camera, but sometimes I wish I had a telephoto lens.

For the last few weeks, I saw two small squirrels running from tree limb to tree limb, running up and down stairs, running up and down tree trunks, and running after each other. On Good Friday a third slightly larger squirrel joined the other two, and I watched them for almost 10 minutes in my car after I parked. I had this wish I would have my camera close by, so I could photograph their cuteness. And on Easter Sunday, that wish was granted. (Thank you, God!) I went out in my bathroom when I saw “my” two small squirrels in a tree and shot a series of photos for this blog. They flitted from tree to tree following each other. The last photo captured one of them in the crook of the large tree, (you can only see the outline of its head and ears) and the other one is on a limb nearby.


Thank You for Our Beautiful World

What part of nature do you love in our world?

squirrel in tree

running squirrel

Today I finally was able to photograph a squirrel or two in my neighborhood after two days of trying. I remembered feeding chipmunks grapes as a child. I call them nature’s mercurial kitties, so I have old kinship with them.

resting squirrel

squirrel resting after eating

As you know from my other posts, I think trees are beautiful. They help me feel rooted. I have been thankful for their shade when I have walked in warm climates. Thank you brother tree.

gold color tree

gold color tree

Another joy that I am grateful for are the heavens, clouds, and  sunsets. The sun breaking through the clouds is something awesome.

gray clouds and sun

heavens and clouds

And the gorgeous colors of a glorious sunset can NOT be matched anywhere. Our earth delivers us such amazing phenomenon like the Aurora borealis, which lift our spirits with its beauty. Thank you sky and sunsets.

sunset Sweet Cheeks

Coral sunset and clouds

Every part of this soil is sacred in the estimation of my people. Every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove, has been hallowed by some sad or happy event in days long vanished.”

 –Chief Seattle  of the Suquamish Tribe. This is an authentic version of his speech from Washington State Library.


insect outside my door

insect outside my door

I don’t see this insect as a lowly creature. Although I did knock it on the ground yesterday.  That insect taught me! When it showed up for a second time today,  I learned persistence from it.  Now it is another of nature’s friends to me. Nothing is lowly on this planet, people, animals, insects, bacteria, and all of nature.

For me gratitude for our world is essential to a happy life, and it is so simple. All I have to do is open my eyes, smile, breathe, and not judge. Nature adds to my personal serenity, and it has a way of uniting all of us humans. Others believed this, too.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”              

– William Shakespeare

This video shows a little more of the beauty of nature on our planet: